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for Endeavor Catches a Chicken Rewritten

5/11 c6 anonymouslyme
Ooh this is funny. I hope to get to read more!
2/21 c4 fencer29
Good to see that you've found your direction again. Although it looks like you may have inadvertently posted two nearly identical copies of Chapter 4.
3/27/2020 c3 Yukino1410
please continue
3/12/2020 c3 2Benji the Monocat
Next episode, Midoriya turns into a sheep, Shoto turns into a horse, Bakugo turns into a Billy goat, Enji turns into a bull, and Fuyumi also turns into a sheep
2/26/2020 c3 1Pitch'snieceanddaughterofMew
ok I'm interested
1/27/2020 c3 fencer29
I hate to say it, but it does seem like you've lost all sense of direction with this story. Perhaps you should take a little time to think about where you want it to end, then think about how to fill in the gap between here and there.
1/6/2020 c2 fencer29
Fuyumi was right to call her brother in for backup - their father is definitely acting strange (or perhaps "even more stranger". since from their point of view he's been acting strange ever since he decided to try and reconnect with his children).

And for once Bakugo is actually justified in being frustrated with Midoriya.
12/30/2019 c1 fencer29
Apparently Endeavor needs to take a course in basic cyber security. One of the first things they always tell you is not to use your or a family member's birth date for a password.

Also, his office must be an old skyscraper if he could actually open a window to let that chicken in.

And for Enji Todoroki to actually laugh out loud? Burnin should have been calling security to deal with this impostor posing as her boss.

But at least he didn't tell Fuyumi he'd be bringing home "freshly roasted chicken" for dinner.

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