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for Harry Potter and the Knight of the Stars

4/25 c3 Mona
2/5/2020 c3 2winterwolf23543
For Strongest star warriors kirby is nerf, he can't disarm a 1 child like hermoine, he is fast enough and stronger than hogwarts combine
1/3/2020 c2 Moonstruck Blossom
I am loving this so far. I had been hoping to see a good Kirby/Harry Potter crossover for a long time, but there hadn't been anything good or interesting before. But now this. This is great. I'm so glad to have finally found the kind of fanfic I was hoping for. Thank you so much for making this.
12/30/2019 c1 1DietGingerAle
This was a nice treat. I do not mind cute little one shots like this

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