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1/28 c1 Guest
Good story. As it turns out on the show Victor had nothing to with Ben's incarceration.
1/24 c3 15FebWriter
I love Ciara's comparison between Ben being sentenced to death and Bo's funeral. The two most important men in her life (not that she doesn't love Shawn-Douglas and Doug, or Will, but Ben and Bo are in a different league from them) both being ripped away from her, no, that's not okay, and it will never be okay.

I love that Stefan is there for Ciara. That last line is heartbreaking: without Ben, Ciara really DOESN'T know what home is.

Waiting for some last-minute reprieve from somebody to save Ben's life!
1/9 c2 FebWriter
Good for Marlena! I love that you have Stefan involved in this. Is he about to tell Ciara that he talked with Ben and already promised Ben he'd look out for Ciara for him? And Will was so sweet. Hope is the biggest surprise, though. But thank God she's not trashing Ben or "I told you so"ing Ciara all over the place. Can't wait to see what happens next, because obviously Ben MUST be saved at the last minute!
1/5 c1 FebWriter
I hope if this is where the show is going, they take a page from you ladies. (Well, obviously Stefan and Hope won't be there-at least Hope won't be there AS Hope.) I LOVE that you have Marlena and Will there to support them, and as crappy of a lawyer as I've always thought him to be, Justin is right about the legal system failing Ben big time. Excellent, nail-biting start!
12/31/2019 c1 Guest
This is outstanding. As much as I don't want the storyline to go this way because I want a happy ending for my babies I still would love this twist to see how the actors would handle it. Please tell me chapter 2 is happening soon because I don't think my heart can take it ...

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