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9/16/2020 c7 chrislgerlach
Interesting story. Hopefully, Natsu over time can melt that ice in Ultear’s heart. It’s rare to find a NatsuxUltear story much less an active one, so I really hope that’s what the pairing is going to end up being.
9/10/2020 c7 SpringRolls
This story is great! Keep up the good work
8/21/2020 c7 28The wiErDos Association
Binged this story in one read and I'm loving it. It's great to see this story fleshing out some world building outside the legal guild side of things. Having Natsu joining with the Magic Council is an interesting plot in its own and even introducing the king as well in this chapter.

Hope that he could build his own development at the Magic Council. I imagine him becoming less wild as time goes by but I'll simply enjoy his life in the council for now. Any potential heroine for this one? Judging from the chapters so far, Ultear might likely be the one in this story. I'm curious about this change from Fairy Tail though and the rest of the plotline that centered on him canonically.

Anyways, overall great read. I'll be patiently waiting for the next chapter.

- The wiErDos send their regards...
8/2/2020 c7 2Dr Yandere
Omigod! This exactly just the story I was looking for. I've been on this site for 6 yrs, and rarely does a story interest me, and yet this one is sending shivers down my spine. Please make it NaLtear because tbh, some of us need a break from NaLu (it's everywhere and is already canon at this point). This has so much potential to make Natsu better than how Mashima made him (especially a different heroine, Natsu really needs that). Please keep updating, it's quarantine and if you're not that busy, please keep posting some more, PM me and I'll entertain whatever you want.
8/1/2020 c7 288Awareness Bringer
Have you considered updating your stuff on Archive of Our Own? I don’t think most of the stories on there have been updated in a while. Still, just do it at a good measure.
7/31/2020 c7 Amanny
I love this chapter. I hope Natsu will not cause trouble
7/13/2020 c6 1Dragon Lord Draco
Huh... I didnt expect ultear to be happys that will help her soften up a bit. Might want to check your inbox praetor
6/27/2020 c6 Rajo
Alright, this is a very interesting premise. I'm always on the look for stories that give the Magic Council a better treatment than Mashima ever bothered to. Don't really see why any of the legal guilds would actually give a shit to the authority of the canon Council.
I'm quite looking forward to see what Natsu will be like by the time we reach the main story line. The summary(?) says that Natsu has the goal of leading his own division and I wonder why he'll want that.
A possible friendship with Ultear is a nice prospect. Not so much for Natsu given that she's there as a spy and nothing more, but I like her enough to want anything to make her life less miserable. Poor girl doesn't really have much fault with her way of being given her circumstances.
Only thing that weirds me out is that people really like glaring in this.
6/8/2020 c6 288Awareness Bringer
Looking good. I’m expecting more.
6/7/2020 c6 Amanny
Great chapter
5/6/2020 c5 2Crusader Jerome
"Ultear placed the communication lacrima back in her chest"

That gave me a mental image I didn't particularly want.
5/2/2020 c5 Amanny
Great chapter
5/1/2020 c5 288Awareness Bringer
Looking good. Keep doing great at it.
3/30/2020 c4 Awareness Bringer
Very good.
3/5/2020 c3 23Warmachine375
Well, well, well. I see this is a story of Natsu being part of the Magic Council and becoming a Rune Knight upon growing up after he meets Councilor Yajima instead of Makarov, 3rd Guild Master of Fairy Tail and one of the Ten Wizard Saints upon looking for Igneel wherever he goes.

Speaking of which, I think Natsu should be given a foster home in Era where he can grow up a normal and well-adjusted life while training until he is old enough to enlist in the Rune Knights since Yajima would be very busy in his work as a Councilor and he cannot always be around with Natsu 24/7. Perhaps a Rune Knight father or mother figure/idol who adopted the son of Igneel and give him love and support. Or Anna Heartfilia, the caretaker of young Dragon Slayers, finds Natsu at Era and becomes her adopted son and also join the Rune Knights for earning money to raise the boy and teach him good manners while he is still his own character. Plus Anna learns new Magic like Heavenly Body Magic to compensate her lack of her 12 Celestial Keys now currently owned by Lucy and Yukino.

It is also a bonus for Anna to meet God Serena and sees it as an opportunity to have the man be part of the 400 Year Plan to train the Dragon Slayers and take a shot on defeating Acnologia.

I am not sure about Natsu meeting Ultear and befriending her despite some first impressions. It would be very bitter and strained since Ultear is a double agent of Grimoire Heart and had the Council and Jellal under her strings and when Ultear reveals her true colors and escaped, Rune Knight Natsu would want to beat the crap out of her and make her pay for the betrayal as if their friendship was a lie especially if they meet again at Tenrou Island where Natsu is part of the Main Force Arrest Squad fleet.

Still it could be cool if Ultear atones for her sins and joins the black ops unit in the Rune Knights with Meredy and Jellal led by Doranbolt as their supervisor instead of an Independent Guild.

I can see Natsu offer Gajeel a place in the Rune Knights like in Avatar arc and that Gajeel has a history with Councilor Belno. Or I can also see Laxus being offered a place in the Rune Knights for a roof above his head, good pay and training by Natsu after his excommunication from Fairy Tail and would be a part of the Main Force Arrest Squad on Tenrou Island. And that if Natsu was able to take in Wendy instead of Erza, the Sky Dragon Slayer joins the Rune Knights and grows up as an exemplar combat medic 7 years later.

Imagine the possibilities of Rune Knight Natsu's actions and presence can do to the canon divergence. :D

Speaking of possibilities, I am looking forward to see Natsu meet God Serena the Eight Dragon Slayer and becomes his apprentice to get stronger and possibly learn some of his Dragon Slayer Magics since his canon counterpart can eat almost any Magic element and incorporates it as his new powerups temporarily.

I hope you can expand more on God Serena's other unnamed Dragon Slayer Magics that wasn't shown after Acnologia kill him off in one swoop and Gildarts oneshot him in their brief clash, and Hiro Mashima blueballed the hype down the drain. We only see earth, fire, water, wind and lightning from God Serena so far.

It would be also cool to see more of the Ten Wizard Saints with OCs since there was an incomplete roster with four unnamed members not shown other than the Four Gods of Ishgar (God Serena, Draculous Hyberion, Wolfheim, Warrod Sequen) in the Alvarez Empire arc.

If you like this, I have this idea of mine for the ranking system of the Rune Knights for the Adaptational Badass dose big time on them for your story from the bottom to the top of the chain of command if you're interested of course for this story:
1. Cadet
2. Regular
3. Lieutenant
4. Captain
5. Major
6. Field Commander
7. Colonel
8. Division Commander
9. Major General
10. Lieutenant General
11. General
12. Minister General
13. Grand General
14. Supreme Commander

What do you think in your thoughts and opinions about the Rune Knight ranking so far?

To describe about these Rune Knight rankings in the Magic Council:
1. The Supreme Commander is the highest rank within the entirety of Ishgar's Rune Knights, who commands all the Rune Knights in the continent and possesses the strength on par with that of Fiore's highest ranked Wizard Saint and Ishgar's strongest Mage but is subservient to the Chairman of the Magic Council.

2. The Grand General is the leader of a country's Rune Knights and is on a level of a 5th Wizard Saint. Supported by four Generals who are direct subordinates to him/her when it comes to leading their forces in battle. Is also considered to be second-in-command of the Supreme Commander who takes charge by himself/herself after arriving from Pergrande Kingdom, the largest and most powerful country of Ishgar.

3. The Generals are the top ranking officers of the Rune Knights and the chosen 4 who answer to the Grand General and the Supreme Commander too as well and are as strong as a Wizard Saint. Sometimes they take in apprentices who are Lieutenant Generals whose respective level of power are that of Guild Aces in grooming and training them as their potential successors in the future.

4. The Major Generals are the direct subordinates of the Lieutenant Generals and are somewhat considered the middle-men of the Rune Knight chain of command and they are considered to be on an S-Class level.

5. The Minister General is the one who usually takes care of the internal and external affairs of the Rune Knights, usually involves politics and public relations that does not require a lot of power in such rank while the Generals lead the fighting, yet is stronger than the current four Generals. Usually reserved for veteran Rune Knights or former Councilors with military background.

6. As for the rest of the other ranks: Division Commander, Colonel and Field Commander, they control the divisions and battalions as they personally lead them in the front lines and are on the mid-tier class of power compared with seasoned Guild Mages.

7. And the Major, Captain, and Lieutenant, they command the squadrons and teams of Regulars and Cadets who are the weakest of the Rune Knights all like scrubs they are and needed more training, and three high ranks in the lower chain of command of them have a moderately strong level in their own right compared to experienced Guild Mages.

On the bright side, some of the high-ranking Rune Knights can be allowed to customize their officer's uniforms with their own fashion preferences along with their own custom weaponry and equipment that stands them out from the lower ranks in the chain of command (whose canon Rune Knight rank and file uniform with staves looks so boring and uninspiring, and needs to be replaced with replacement of something more practical yet formal and militaristic uniform and equipped with actual standard weaponry but the staves can stay though) and be recognized and distinguished so long they follow strict uniform code and protocol including the addition of the Council colors and ankh emblem in their uniform; be it blue and white; and black and white.

Which means Natsu can keep his scarf while wearing a Rune Knight uniform of his own custom design in the field.

The canon Rune Knight officer's uniform worn by Lahar and Doranbolt, and the other Rune Knight officer's uniform worn by Gajeel, Levy, and Pantherlily during their time at the Wizard Saint-run Council for one year are still cool and can stay as standard uniforms for the Rune Knight officers in the Council military with some little modifications and additions into them if they wanted to.

Remember the MPF event of the Grand Magic Games arc and Lahar, who was a guest commentator, stated that Millianna's MPF level is high enough to get a position of Captain in the Rune Knights after she struck the Magic Power Finder device as first contender.

So I got this in accordance to their MPF rankings if these people were in the Rune Knights:
1. Millianna: 365 - Captain
2. Nobarly: 124 - Lieutenant
3. Hibiki: 95 - Regular
4. Obra: 4 - Barely even qualified as a Cadet
5. Orga: 3,825 - Field Commander
6. Jura: 8,544 - Lieutenant General
7. Cana: 9,999 - General (even though she did it through Mavis lending her Fairy Glitter just to get a cheap win the event)

In this chart, these are the MPF Levels for the Rune Knight rankings:
10 - 50: Cadet
51 - 100: Regular
101 - 350: Lieutenant
351 - 1,000: Captain
1,001 - 3,000: Major
3,001 - 4,000: Field Commander
4,001 - 5,000: Colonel
5,001 - 6,000: Division Commander
6,001 - 7,000: Major General
7,001 - 9,000: Lieutenant General
9,001 - 12,000: General
18,000: Minister General
24,000: Grand General
30,000: Supreme Commander

Pretty sure Natsu would get really ambitious and fired up after knowing stronger Rune Knights of higher rank that simply being the Division Commander is not enough at all and he wants to be the strongest. Of course Natsu would be respectful and work harder upon climbing up the ranks of the Rune Knights.

What do you think of the MPF levels in your thoughts and opinion?

I hope there are female Rune Knights like Levy in Avatar arc for example for Natsu to meet during his extensive training at Era since I noticed Ultear enlisted as one before eventually rising her way to the top as Councilor with Jellal as Siegrain catching up too as well.

Anyways, this is a really awesome Rune Knight!Natsu FT fanfic and I look forward for the next chapter. Faved and Followed. :)
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