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for Temptation of the Dark Side Reimagined

5/5 c6 Khy Dragon
See ya
4/14 c6 1keybladelight
Confronting fear his the destiny of a jedi it his akio destiny of what he star it he need to become a jedi ti bring hope and hope will save the world and that hope his the last jedi.
4/8 c5 Khy Dragon
Please right more
2/10 c1 Khy Dragon
Thank you, man. May the Force be with you!
1/11 c5 WhovianDango
Another great chapter!
1/10 c5 keybladelight
So akio is going to is home to get is lightsaber hope to see more and maybe use the force and some Japanese see a jedi survivor.
1/4 c4 WhovianDango
This rewrite/reimagening has been great so far.
I have to wonder if High School of the Dead where to continue in some form would you adapt that or stick to the initial 12 or 13 episodes of the anime?
1/3 c4 keybladelight
Yes you are going to remade this story i hope that akio learn about the force and the jedi way because i did not see him use the force or rei and takashi see him use it and call him a jedi i hope that you make some of the star wars the force awakens, the last jedi and the rise of skywalker reference and the mandalorian reference but make akio follow the way of the jedi maybe you could put a old jedi shrine temple that akio as found and he could star is test and maybe hope he constructs is own lightsaber and hope that you made him use the force skill of jedi fallen order and what lightsaber color from the jedi fallen order would fit akio in the story.
1/1 c2 WhovianDango
This rewrite is great so far, cannot wait to see what changes and expansion of the story awaits us!

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