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for Cutting Arrows

8/31 c3 therandompers
Well, this was pretty cute.
8/31 c2 1ZeaDragon
This is honestly the most entertained I've ever been when reading a SAO fic. It's absolutely wonderful. Goodness knows there's too many misery wank fics out there.
7/8 c3 Mernom
The 'glare-Chan' sections are getting a bit repetitive at times. Keeping track of what Kiriko said recently to 'her' to avoid repeating it too much could help with it.
Other than that, I like what you did with the martial arts quest.
Question: how long are frames in a VR game?
7/8 c3 kept123
thanks for the chapter
5/21 c2 UnkownSoul
This is the first from you I'm reading and when it appeard in my update list I was very much surprised. Did not expect that.
5/21 c2 kept123
Thanks for the chapter
5/21 c2 2madtad1
Nicely written! I’m looking forward to the next chapter.
5/21 c2 Mernom
The argument before the combat engagement, was it done in whispers?
1/23 c1 kept123
More chapters please
1/21 c1 kept123
Thanks for the chapter
1/14 c1 Killthebeast
So far i like the Story and the teasing is nice. Also still Kirito/Kiriko x Sinon is the Pairing i loved the most. Ty for writing this awesome piece and hope for more in the future.

Maybe they will go grinding together an dalso buy a house. Wonder what thei'll do and how they will get closer.
1/1 c1 UnkownSoul
You have my interest!
1/1 c1 Mernom
This is great. I love this take on Female!RagingLesbian!Asshole!Kirito. Her treating glares like imaginary friends is very cute. Her interactions with various cast members are diverse and interesting. For an opening chapter, very strong start.

The only real compliment I can think of is her name. IMO, Kiriko is a rather lazy variant on the name for a girl.

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