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7/15 c3 Elijah Murphy
I have ADD, and I feel like you explained everything really well. Though I would like to mention that with ADHD (and ADD) people can also have trouble focusing on the stuff they might normally hyper-fixate on. It all depends on your mood and how severe your diagnosis is, but I personally have that problem.

My fixation is books. Or, my main fixation. I always want more, always want to read, and when we plan to go to the bookstore and get delayed, it stresses me out. Even with this, there are times when my ADD acts up enough that even reading doesn't keep me focused for long.

Also, ADD/ADHD can cause minor sensory issues, particularly in the hands, at least in my case. It happens more often when our ADD acts up, but sometimes my hands will feel tight and i'll want to move them or feel something in my hands, something I feel you explained well in Bittle's case.

I love your writing and can't wait to read more!

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