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for Star Wars: A Penumbral Path

12/6 c4 Shodatl
Just leaving a review here to say this chapter's ramblings sold this story for me. Can't wait to keep reading and I can't believe this isn't more popular. I'm loving the different viewpoints on what the force is and how it works!
11/16 c44 MattKennedy
Looks like Master Lucian is off having a good time. :)
11/16 c44 superpierce
good chapter I'm ashamed that I didn't realize everyone though she was sith.
11/8 c43 MattKennedy
Yay for Hisku gaining another step in the path to accepting her Force Sensitivity. :)

And what an interesting revelation about the Flock.
11/7 c43 2Kutsuu Mugen
The answer is all of them. Maybe not all trained to consciously use it, depending on personality (like Hisku) and job description (like the Flock cooks). But Erizma definitely seems the type to take a large number of Force Sensitives that the Jedi Order didn't take and train them in such a way as to use their talents while keeping the Jedi council unaware.
10/1 c41 Tano Narhuine
A great update, keep up the good work!
10/1 c41 superpierce
great chapter.
8/16 c38 superpierce
great chapter love learning new things about this mage sect.
8/15 c38 rarrarshark
Thank you for the chapter!
8/5 c30 Apg66
Glad to see that the couple vibe was deliberate
8/1 c37 superpierce
Glad to see Hisku doing better
7/16 c36 Tano Narhuine
Yes, Anais, you did just beat someone up so hard you became friends. Hence forth, you shall be known as "Naruto: Star Wars edition".

Great fight scenes and a VERY interesting showing of what these people are capable of. It will be interesting to see what tricks Anais picks up while she is here.

And if you really think about it, the Jedi and Sith really are hyperspecialized for fighting. And for good reason! they have spent most of the last few THOUSAND years leading armies against each other. So it would be smart to develop and refine skills that would keep you alive.

Telepathy that lets you know your opponents intentions

Telekinesis that lets you manipulate your battlefield and recall your weapon if you lose it.

Precognitive Danger Senses that lets you know where you opponent is going to strike next

Passive barriers that prevent your enemy from using their own telekinesis to casually crush you too death.

Really, it's not hard to find combat use for EVERY Jedi skill. So while they might play the roll of peacekeepers, they really are walking death machines when the time comes to fight. After all, most peacekeepers tend to follow Teddy Roosevelt's quote rather well.

"Walk softly, and carry a big stick."
7/16 c36 rarrarshark
Thank you for the chapter!
7/15 c36 superpierce
great chapter keep up the good work.
7/15 c4 Ahtu
Well, there are actually other dark side healing techniques... But as with all such things, they do tend to come with a price.
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