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7/9 c1 sash queen of the jungle
I like the image of married bliss. Thank you for writing.
1/8 c1 25Temple Cloud
Interesting AU ending to the story, instead of Shaw's epilogue (Eliza and Freddie get married, start a shop which is initially a florist's but turns into more of a greengrocer's because, after all, people always need vegetables whether they're in the mood to buy flowers or not). I can't really see Eliza marrying Henry, because he's so arrogant that he turns everything, including Eliza standing up to him, into HIS victory, so it'd feel like being married to one's father (even if he's an improvement on Eliza's actual father). On the other hand, Shaw suggests that while Eliza and Freddie's life as a young married couple struggling to earn a living wasn't easy, it wasn't as disastrous as Henry's song in the musical version suggests (because this is mainly Henry's wishful thinking).

I liked:

'All the rules of how things work that I've known all my life, they just don't seem to apply any more.'
'You never liked the rules anyway.'
'But I knew what they were, and how to break them.'

Henry locked in eternal adolescence, needing there to be a consistent Establishment for him to be disrespectful of? That sounds about right.

And they haven't even realised that it's a matter of time before the unfinished business of the Great War erupts into a sequel - aaarggh! (Some people in the inter-War period clearly had - Neville Shute wrote a novel about World War Two before it happened, and Sellar and Yeatman entitled the last chapter of 1066 And All That, about the conclusion of World War One, 'The Peace To End All Peace'.)

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