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8/6/2021 c1 Tula
Lol I feel like this would actually was incredibly cute and I can’t stop reading it!I love all your stories!
2/12/2021 c1 15leyapearl
I don't know how I missed this last year, but it is brilliant. Bruce is going to want to dry off that cowl before wearing it again. Brrrr...
2/1/2021 c1 jamiefin
love it
8/2/2020 c1 9KittyCat809
Im dead! Love a michevious Dick causing trouble and holiday fun! 333 thanks for writing!
1/1/2020 c1 18Haro kzoids
Hola. Cortito, travieso.
Feliz año. Me alegra tu regreso.

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