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for A Bomb, an Elevator and Lots of Flirting

5/26 c1 Guest
I loved this short story
3/11 c1 agirl00z
You definitely have their characters down, excellent job!
1/4 c1 59Readergirl37
"but she doesn’t have the time to feel the pain so she hisses through it." is such a good characterization.

“I do believe Harold hung up on us.” Root says with exaggerated offense.

“I wonder why.” Shaw says back dryly, and pours the chloroform over the cloth before she smacks it over the goon’s face. “And shouldn’t you be working on that phone.”

You have the show down so well. I could totally see this as an episode.

I love them and how you write them. I loved the way Reese checked in. This was fun! I loved this fic thank you for writing and posting it!
1/2 c1 4Alongusername
Such a POI adventure! I feel like Shaw and Root could really get into a tricky situation like this! The dialogue is snappy and it gives us a good look at the Team Machine dynamic, which is always a plus. Root and Shaw feel natural, just like the characters - even down to Finch’s stark remarks, very well done!
1/1 c1 StarrH
I loved it. You have Root and Shaw down pat. I hope to see more of your POI Fics in the future.
1/1 c1 siberia21
Nice! Haven't read a POI fan fiction, I love that show. You captured Root's 'voice' well, just remembered she always called Finch 'Harry' (It's not a complaint, just pleasant memory). Thank you for sharing, I very much enjoyed.

P,S, I still hope you finish your Elijah/Elena story one day, it was exceptional.

Thanks again and happy new year!

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