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for Linc 10 Alien Force

6/5 c1 Magnus 2000
Good fanfic, hey, here I give you ideas of two human villains for the fic:


name: jack romanov
aka: white mask
age: 30
height: tall
nationality: Russian British
family: two mothers and wife (deceased), son (alive).

appearance: he is a man with white skin, tall and thin, honey eyes, red hair, wears an elegant black suit, an anonymus mask, top hat, black shoes and gloves.

personality: the same as ledger's joker

Story: Jake was a plumber who lost his two mothers and his team to the intergalactic mafia and corrupt plumbers, he went mad and evil, determined to cause anarchy throughout the universe.

skills :

maximum physical and mental condition: his strength, endurance, agility, speed and intelligence are at the maximum.

expert in firearms, blades and lasers: being a former plumber, he knows how to handle a large gallery of weapons.

Melee Expert: He is a professional in boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, ninjutsu, Muay Thai and Greco-Roman wrestling

biological improvements: thanks to the galactic black market, it acquired biological improvements such as; super immune system (immune to diseases), breathe days under water (gills in his neck), night vision (like animals).

curiosities :

- caused serious psychological damage to the loud family, they even have nightmares about him.
- he, along with vilgax and other villains were not released by jackal from the projector because they were too dangerous
- According to myths, the white mask was madness and chaos incarnate.

name: pablo sanchez
alias: jackal
age: 43
height: very tall
Mexican nationality
family: parents and sisters (deceased)
three daughters (alive)

Appearance: he is a tall and muscular man, bald, brown eyes, black hair, beard, wears a black shirt, over it he wears a bulletproof vest, gray coat, pants and military boots.

personality: the same as tom hardy's bane

Story: Raised by the order, the children of the shadows, Jackal aims to achieve a new world order through chaos and fear.

skills :

maximum human condition: his strength, endurance, agility, speed and intelligence are above the maximum human.

expert in knives, fire and lasers: being a member of the children of the shadow, he is an expert in shooting.

Melee Expert: Jackal is a professional in twenty martial arts.

biological enhancements: super immune system, underwater breathing, etc.

curiosities :

- according to azmuth, jackal is a prodigy of the human species.

- the un and plumbers have tried to extinguish the children of the shadows for years, but without success

- According to myths, Jackal was fear, anger embodied.
5/28 c15 walkindeath
very interesting there...chief
5/5 c15 Guest
PS: Kurt doesn’t have to fight with them. That was just a thought for fun.
5/5 c15 Guest
To Matt
Yeah, I know he’s bad. But so was Darkstar when he helped fight the Highbreed, wasn’t he?
5/6 c15 11Mikedude Rocker10
An idea of Lincoln standing up to the bullies from No Bus No Fuss

Lincoln: Milkshakes for everyone.

Then Taylor flung it making it spill all over Lincoln's shirt.

Lincoln: (Grunts) I should have said on everybody.

He saw Anderson, Taylor and Pablo laughing at him causing Lincoln to glare at them.

Taylor: Look guys. The white haired loser had an accident.

Pablo: Yeah. Look at him!

Anderson: (Baby talks) Want me to get you a sippy cup Loud?!

They laugh even more as the sisters and Lincoln's friends noticed and tried to help. But Lincoln waves his hand telling them to wait.

Lincoln: (Smiles) Okay you got me. Good one. (Laughs)

Taylor: Oh yeah? Well what are you gonna do about it? Huh? (Pushes him leaving a milkshake handprint)

Taylor saw the print and looked at his hand. She wiped it on her shirt, but now it got on her. Everyone in the area noticed and started laughing at Taylor.


Lincoln glares again and was about to go alien. The guys were nervous of what Lincoln was gonna do. But Lincoln stops and spoke up.

Lincoln: You know what? You three aren't even worth it.

Anderson, Taylor and Pablo just froze in place confused.

Taylor: Huh?

Lincoln: I means it's really ridiculous. (Turns to the vendor asking for napkins) Can you three at least try to be orginal for a change? (Wipes his clothes) You've been doing the same old bully routine since Middle School Taylor. It's tired. Spilling my drink? Really? I can't believe I used to be afraid of you, Anderson and Pablo here. Look around Taylor! We've all grown up.

They see everyone was listening and they knew Lincoln was right as they mutter to each other.

Lincoln: But you three are just the same pathetic losers who like to torment others just to feel good about themselves. You're all just sad.

He walks away as his sisters and friends smiled. Everyone cheered for Lincoln as he stood up to the three bullies.
5/4 c15 9NeoNimbus
That was a pretty cool way to introduce the Anodite species into your story and Tia sure is a cool addition as well. Glad to know that she'll show up a few times now and then to help Lincoln out. :)

Another great chapter as always and keep up the awesome work too. Looking forward to the next chapter whenever it's ready. :D
5/4 c15 2Mr. Haziq
Hold up. It's been explicitly stated Anodites don't have DNA which is why the Omnitrix could register them. Even Gwen, a hybrid, couldn't be scanned for her anodite powers because she was genetically 100% human.
5/4 c15 Matt
Nice chapter, also for the guest from May 3rd, you do know that Kurts a villain, right?
5/4 c15 10DragonEmperor999
My what an interesting chapter

I can’t wait to see what happens next for this.

Here are questions:
1. What do you think of this new girl that joined the Legends, the one who was abducted by aliens?

2. What did you think of Constantine that episode?

3. Think we will see Rory’s daughter again?
5/4 c15 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue please.
5/4 c15 tylerchavis97
Love this new character already!
Keep it going!
5/4 c15 johannvanguard
The new girl Tia is pretty cool, and it looks like Lincoln might like her. Good to see that Tia has become part of Lincoln's friend group. While Big Chill fought Kurt, it was surprising that the alien hero had help from the silver anodite Fey. It was surprising that Fey turned out to be Tia. I'm glad Lincoln learned about anodites from his grandpa and sisters. For the next chapter, I wonder if Lincoln will find out Tia's secret identity as Fey.
5/4 c15 135Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Lincoln have made two new friends one being a new student at his school and the other helping to stop an old villain and I think there’s a connection between them.
5/4 c15 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and while I like how you introduced the anodite her I have to ask why did you not hint about Verdona here?
5/4 c14 OmnipotentAbsoluteUIGodzilla
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