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3/14/2023 c40 Guest
excellent work! simply brilliant
4/8/2022 c39 Xena Anne
Great story!Thank you.
4/8/2022 c37 Xena Anne
kudos on the post-rescue scene
4/8/2022 c35 Xena Anne
Very happy to see Bavishni and Solveig again!
4/6/2022 c14 Xena Anne
Little Georgiana is adorable. I like seeing Lizzy calm G. and engage her with the kittens. Looking forward to seeing D&E interact, and Darcy become a better human being.
4/6/2022 c11 Xena Anne
To answer your questions, I always enjoy seeing Wickham get a comeuppance. As for Fitzwilliam, I'm curious what hold he can have over his parents. Perhaps some muggle blood? Maybe even a squib.

I'm enjoying the story immensely!
2/25/2021 c2 Dizziegate
I think Durmstrang Institute would be a better school to have Darcy transfer from...just my opinion. No hate
1/10/2021 c40 16d'elfe
What a brood ! But I guess that when you have magical means, you can certainly recover easier from childbirth than when you are a muggle.
Long live all those Darcys.
I greatly enjoyed this story, and all the details you wove in it.
Great job !
1/10/2021 c35 d'elfe
Yep... going out without an auror or another wand wielder was definitely stupid. I can't believe she fell for that.
Well. I hope this gets resolved.
1/9/2021 c34 d'elfe
It definitely was a treat to see so many cultures about. I would have loved to see the fencing duel just as well !
1/8/2021 c30 d'elfe
Yey !
I'm glad the get to go together. Those are complicated rules and very interesting duels you have put in place, I like it.
And the Matlocks are a dear !
1/8/2021 c28 d'elfe
Oh my God ! You killed a three year old boy...
This was a very harsh blow indeed. I want them dead now.
1/7/2021 c24 d'elfe
Meow ! I'm so glad she gets the cat.
And I don't really see how they can save Ursus from falling now. But there wans't much of a choice, wasn't there ?
I love Mc Gonagall, she's just... fantastic. And you paint Lord Matlock really nicely.
1/7/2021 c22 d'elfe
She certainly was very callous and bordeline hysteric. I hope it she gets better now that she has someone to share the burden with.
1/5/2021 c15 d'elfe
Darcy cracking a joke was a great moment. You definitely adjusted Georgiana's ordeal rather well in the magical world. Very well done.
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