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3/11/2020 c70 2AxDevilman
Damn, this was a good ride...

Loved the ending. Hope you make more stuff, because this was a really good story.
3/11/2020 c70 2Vostok2142
Aw, Dove...
3/9/2020 c68 2AxDevilman
Damn. I gotta say, Dove dying is making me a bit sad after this many chapters with him.

Hoping to see his final moments with Penny.
3/8/2020 c67 AxDevilman
I'm processing this and the previous chapter, because this is getting quite complex.
3/4/2020 c63 AxDevilman
I'm actually worried about Penny, and how Dove will react to whatever these two did.

Also, the previous chapter were awesome. Always like me some world lore (and Cinder being completely Grimmified sounds creepy, but is she Season Maiden, or just a few of them? That would be one OP Cinder).

P.S: I also liked Inglorious Bastards.
3/1/2020 c61 2Vostok2142
Oh no are they gonna geek Dove?
2/25/2020 c55 2AxDevilman
I really like this kind of story telling, makes me wonder how it will connect with Dove's and Penny's journey.
2/25/2020 c54 AxDevilman
But wut? Intrigue.
2/25/2020 c52 AxDevilman
Nice chapter!
2/21/2020 c51 AxDevilman
I really enjoyed these new weirdos, I'll miss Rot the most.

Poor Oz, but it's good to know how he's moving around this world.
2/19/2020 c49 AxDevilman
I'm interested to know more, later of course.
2/19/2020 c48 AxDevilman
Well... I was expecting an epic Grimm, but this was hilarious. And the Wall is already quite dangerous.

Also, I'm sure you wanted to say Go extended a quarterstaff. But hey, everyone makes a little mistake when writing, so no biggie.
2/17/2020 c47 AxDevilman
Good to see Rot and Go got an ideal deal. But with Salem's symbol being there, I'm curious if it has to do anything with the Grimm, or if it's there for another reason.
2/17/2020 c46 AxDevilman
Ah, encounters with messed up people are still a good read in this story. Loved the Canta exchange, it reminds me of WWII.

So Dove's helmet makes everyone think he's faunus, but they are Templars of Salem... Guess the White Fang got a good deal with Salem after all.
2/17/2020 c45 AxDevilman
Dove was very badass destroying the camp, and ending the fight with Rot efficiently like that.

And it was sweet when he hugged Penny (and no one can change my mind that it wasn't a hug), I hope we get moments like that in the future.
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