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5/11 c2 Guest
You to countinue
4/12 c2 jokerboy217
Looking good, I like how this story isn’t making Ash OP right off the bat with his aura, I’m interested to see how the aura factor will come into play later on in the story.
11/23/2020 c2 Epsilon
Hi author, do you plan to continue this fanfic? because I am impatient to know the rest of the story and these really cool to see ash who uses the aura without it being absurdly followed by legendary pokemon from the start, as a pokemon that could join his team, I think abra which would have its place. In any case, I wish you a good continuation in your projects. (sorry for my bad english it's not my native language)
2/15/2020 c2 CommanderBoss
need to work on the letter placement and spelling of some words. Other than that, it looks good so far.
2/14/2020 c2 2Blank-name26
Great chapter! Just a few questions tho.

When you say rare, what do you mean?

Will things be hashed out exactly like canon? Like I know he’s more competent but so far things have been an entertaining rerun ya know?

At some point can he get a female zorua (cause the F zoruarks have a special ability)

Super excited for this.
2/12/2020 c2 PhoenixDragon90
Nice Chapter.
Will try to think of a few Pokémon and nicknames.
Keep Up The Good Work!
Thanks For The Meal.
Till Next Time!
2/12/2020 c2 Pokemonashfan
Oh maybe ash should teach Brave energy ball, upgrade moves like bug bite to silver wind and gust to air slash, Snipes steel wing, heat wave, aerial ace and gust to air slash and Pikachu iron tail, brick break, and signal beam
2/11/2020 c2 Werewingwolfxx
Can we have brave learn mega/giga drain oh and grass knot for Pikachu along with rain dance once he learns thunder.
2/11/2020 c2 AzureTemplar3535
About Pokemon nicknames in the anime, the reason is simple, translations. The name would Japanese, then they would have translate it not only into English but to a number of different languages. So picking a name that could "easily" translate and still have some meaning. Yeah that just a nightmare.

For Pokemon suggestions, a female Vulpix name Omen, ability Flash Fire. Moves Will O Wisp, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Hex, Extrasensory and Inferno.

A male Kadabra, ability Magical Guard. Moves Psybeam, Tri Attack, Dazzling Gleam, Recover, Teleport and calm Mind.

A male Sandslash, ability Sand Rush. Moves Crush Claw, Drill Run, Stone Edge, Metal Claw, Stealth Rocks and Sandstorm.

A female Scyther, Ability Swarm. Slash, Fury Cutter, X Scssior, Sword Dance, Agility and Double Team.

For Ash's cannon Pokemon nicknames names, How about calling his Primeape Blitz and Chammader Draco.
2/11/2020 c2 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating!

Ash Ketchum:

It seems we are following the Cartoon, but with some difference. Ash is very aware of certain situations and I do like how Ash plays off his Team Rocket as annoyance or weird. Even though Ash did not capture a Pokémon before Viridian City, but Ash has evidence of recording of Legendary Pokémon from Johoto and Rainbow Feather to prove that he was not just seeing things. It rather interesting to read what Professor Oka will do when he examines the Rainbow Feather. I have to admit, I do like that Ash seems to connect with his Caterpie, Brave, more. Brave, Pikachu and Misty know Ash can use Aura; but that Ash values the ability to sense Emotions and to connect with other beings. Ash feeling Brave betrayal and sadness was good, because Ash understood that he made mistake no matter the situation and wanted to prove to Brave he would never leave his Pokémon behind again. Brave evolved from Caterpie all the way to Butterfree, with Ash teaching Brave how to use Bug Bite! Pidgeotto was interesting and the name Snipes is great, because I do have hopes for Snipes to evolve to a Pidgeot sooner and Ash to train his Snipes to be powerful Pokémon. Ash seems to be doing great!

Pokémon Talk between Brave and Pikachu:

That was interesting and I want more scenes lie that. Sort of like Smaller scenes where. Pokémon have their own dialogue and emotions, so I think you did a great job with treating their characters well. Pikachua really grown close to Ash. Brave dreams and goals was great too, being very much in character. I have to admit, I wonder what Snipes(Pidgeotto) thoughts towards Ash are. I do love how Pikachu and Brave notice Ash ability with Aura.

Misty Waterflower:

I have to confess- I do have soft spot for Ash/Misty pairing. Still, I will keep my mind open. I do love that Misty gripe with Ash is about her bike and she sticks around because of that. I just hope Ash does pay her back in a couple chapters and that Misty hangs with Ash because the Journey he going is helping her explore Kanto...Though, I would not mind if Misty checks out Ash while training! Ha. Anyway, I do like that Misty knows Ash can use Aura, so that will be interesting to read what Misty knowing that knowledge and how far Ash will push himself.

Team Rocket- Jesse, James and Meowth:

I hope, they become stronger as the story progresses. I mean Jesse and James only have Koffin and Ekans; but why did they not get MORE Pokémon? I could read James keeping his Magikarp and evolving that Pokémon into a Gyarados. I want Jesse to get Fire Pokémon, like Magmar, to show her power/passion. Meowth? I expect Meowth to grow stronger and be very stronger than normal Pokémon of its species. Maybe even Meowth evolving into a Persian and learning some powerful moves like Hyper Beam! Also, Meowth voice as Persian sounds deeper and more intelligent as Persian. Just a idea.


1) Will Jesse, James and Meowth grow stronger as Pokémon Trainers when they keep on trying to steal Ash Pikachu?

2) Are we going to read moments when Ash does Superhuman feats with his Aura to shock Human and Pokémon?

3) Could Brave train his Confusion to point that TM move evolves into Psychic?

4) Should we expect Ash to buy TM's from Pokémon Markets, after he pays off Misty for her Bike?

5) Can Jesse and James catch more Pokémon on their own and train them?

6) When Ash catches Mankey, could Ash discover Mankey could use Aura Sphere, which means Mankey or Primeape could use Aura?


1) That should happen. I mean, I like how Cartoonish they are, but I do hope that battling Ash Ketchum they level up their skills in Battling. Seriously, I would love if Jesse and James battle Cassidy and Butch, with Cassidy and Butch losing to Jesse and James Pokémon. It kind of ironic that Jesse and James lose to Ash so much, but they grow stronger and yet they do not get the respect they deserve in the organization of Team Rocket.

2) I kind of wanted Ash to catch some Beedrill Stingers with his hands. I did like Ash punching a tree with his Aura, shaking the Tree with his Super Enhance power. I have to admit, I do hope Ash does shock Humans and Pokémon with superhuman feats more. Something like breaking Solid Concrete Walls with his fist or Reflexes to avoid dangerous situation with backflip/dodging motion of a Martial Artist. Just something to think about.

3) Brave learning Bug Bite from Ash was great and if you want to keep that Theme, go for it! I do love the idea Brave using Confusion so much and mastering that up to a POINT, where Brave learns Psychic. That what I like about Butterfree, is it ability to use Psychic move such as Confusion. I just hope Brave gets very strong before he leaves Ash.

4) That another route. Very much used in the Video Games and if Ash can buy TM's to teach his Pokémon, then why not? I figure that way, Ash could train his Pokémon to get stronger and use more advance Moves in different ways. If not that, we can read how much each TM cost and what Ash can afford as Pokémon trainer. Though, I do hope Ash Ketchum pays back Misty for her Bike, just so Ash makes sure he pays them back.

5) James should have his Magikarp or Gyarados, he buys on the St. Anna Boat. It more logical, given that Gyarados is a Dark/Water Type Pokémon, which keeps to Criminal Organization theme of using Poison or Dark Type Pokémon. Jesse, should get a Magby or Magmar, to sort of match her anger and fiery personality. The point is, I hope Jesse and James have more Pokémon besides Ekans and Koffin. Also, Ekans and Koffin should evolve sooner than they did in Cartoon, which was the Johoto Region.

6) Mankey or Primeape is a Fighting Type. He a Kanto Pokémon. Aura Sphere is a Fighting Type Move. I think it would be interesting to read Ash having a Pokémon, that not Riolu or Lucario. That Ash has Kanto Fighting Type Pokémon that could use Aura and help Ash develop his Aura training; along with Ash training Mankey or Primeape to use Aura in different ways besides Aura Sphere. This is just a idea.

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!
2/11/2020 c2 beenjammin0421
Love the chapter couple of spelling mistakes but overall really enjoyable. Don't worry about the length and all honesty I enjoy these long chapters. I feel like you stopped at a good point
1/25/2020 c1 PhoenixDragon90
Seems interesting.
Keep Up The Good Work!
Thanks For The Meal.
Till Next Time!
1/4/2020 c1 Fire4Heaven
Block Farla. Seriously both Blades and Warhammer spent a lot of time warming you.
1/3/2020 c1 1I-. Snowman .-I
I agree with the two down in the comments (Blades of Chance; Farla.)

Grammar is not entirely the best in this story, nor are the typos that in my opinion make some parts in the story a lot more enjoyable. :D

Anyway, I’d recommend RedKnight21 to take some tiring lessons from the web or whatever you can access to get better at your writing. I see potential for future story for when and IF you use what was suggested.
1/3/2020 c1 13Blades of Chance
Really? I am pretty sure I warned you about Farla.

[That's really not how this works. I]

That is how it works.

[You wouldn’t capitalize animal or mouse or dragon, so you shouldn’t capitalize words like pokemon or pikachu or charizard. ]

This is also incorrecr. Pokemon names are not species names. Game Freak has stated this for years now.

(Dialogue is written as “Hello,” she said or “Hello!” she said, never “Hello.” She said or “Hello.” she said or “Hello,” She said or “Hello” she said. )

Incorrect. Dialogue is written as ["Hello," She said] as dialogue is a separate sentence.

Write out numbers with letters.]

That is not how it's done.

[really don't know why you felt it was a good idea to have a large portion of your opening chapter involve repeating basic facts your readers already know.]

Not everyone does.

["It's" means "it is".]

No it does not.

[because stories are more interesting with things going wrong. Ten year olds running around with super animals works great for that.]

Again Farla is lying.
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