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7/21 c19 6Couchpotato 88
I’m glad Fanny came to their rescue. I’m a little amazed Sonia didn’t beat them all up upon the mention of the dark basement, but it was still just as much fun to see her go crazy at the treehouse. Also glad Fanny slapped Harvey. I hope her youngest brother is alright.
7/2 c18 Couchpotato 88
Another fun Chapter. Are the Bastardz inspired by the Tarantino movie inglorious Bastards?
6/19 c17 Couchpotato 88
You really make me sympathetic for poor Chad in this story. I’m excited for the three separate upcoming battles
6/5 c16 32Sweet Kid 2020
You're doing really well.
6/5 c16 6Couchpotato 88
Well that was intense in more ways then one. Also the response Chad’s parents gave was unsurprising and very in character. Reminds me of that South Park episode where Butter’s went to that camp.
5/14 c15 Couchpotato 88
Well that was fun and I gotta say mad respect going out to Abby and Fanny. Especially to Fanny’s comments regarding Galactic. Also I have a feeling the next chapter will explore Chad and Maurice’s relationship
4/21 c14 Couchpotato 88
Honestly my favourite chapter so far. I was hoping 9L would go with them, but I guess she has an even bigger score to settle with galactic. While I’m curious as to what’s happening on earth. I’m more curious as where Z are gonna go, because at the moment they’re basically stranded in the middle of space.
4/10 c13 Couchpotato 88
Infinity has no idea what he’s getting himself into. I wonder who’s gonna have the pleasure of kicking his Arse
3/29 c12 Couchpotato 88
You didn’t disappoint with the argument. Good job. To bad Rachel didn’t get a chance to talk to Nigel, looks like she won’t for a while.
3/22 c11 Couchpotato 88
Very good potential look at life before. It really is sad how evil Cree became.
3/15 c10 Couchpotato 88
Was probably a little short, but was definitely enjoyable. Kinda wish the unaired piolet for Galactic KND ended this way.
3/10 c9 Couchpotato 88
Poor sector Z are in for the battle of their lives. We can only hope their all ok. They might just have the most tragic story out of any KND Sector. Also the thought of Rachel with a Mohawk and sunglasses makes me laugh.
2/29 c8 Couchpotato 88
Good to see Sector Z back to normal. I thought they were great additions to operation ZERO. I also liked the backstory created for 86 and explaining why she’s hated boys so much.
2/22 c7 Couchpotato 88
Good to see Hoagie’s recovered. Also good to see that the Delightful children may be permanently reverted back to Sector Z. I’m guessing the character at the end is one of their mothers.
2/14 c6 Couchpotato 88
Good use of explaining why Numbuh 1 suddenly seems to become evil. There really are so many possibilities for galaxtic KND
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