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for Mandalore the Hunter

1/2 c1 GamerX568
I hope you still decide have Boba in this because Naruto could be like an older brother to Boba when you make it that far. Plus, I like Boba.
1/2 c1 7Hell is fun21
looking promising, wonder if you are taking things from the new show, The Mandalorian (good show that i recommend), as you shape this story for Naruto. Curious to see how this will play out.
1/2 c1 1Ironknight3307
Good chapter. Is this story a harem or just singles pair up for naruto?
1/2 c1 19anime-death-angel
Man this story has me hooked. Since naruto is force sensitive, will he be like the Knights of Ren, utilizing force powers mixed with his own fighting skills and martial prowess? What will his armor color be because that is significant to the wearer.
GrayMourning a Lost Love
RedHonoring a Parent
OrangeA Lust for Life
White A New start
1/2 c1 6Gundam Meister Uzumaki
will Asoka be paired with naruto?
1/2 c1 Hamilton406
Just don’t bring in any other naruto characters to the Star Wars universe. Keep it just Naruto
1/2 c1 Darth revan1998
Can't wait for the next update
1/2 c1 3kamikage86
I'm going to enjoy this, please keep it going, please continue soon.
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