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for A Brother's Revenge

8/3 c28 caseykam
Yikes! Did they mistake Callie for Vanessa since she was with Joe? And what's up with the flashback? Was Joe sexually abused by someone in the past that he has repressed? Is Joe's unexplained anger toward Fenton due to him subconsciously blaming him for bringing enemies into their midst? Interesting chapter. It's good to see the story moving again after all the emotional drama of the picnic. I think you've got a lot of surprises up your sleeve. :)
8/2 c28 Candylou
One thing I noticed, I know Joe through the phones over in the water because of a panic attacks. But before they even knew that, Laura thought something bad about Joe when she said oh that boy has a lot of explaining to do. Joe hears that all the time from his family and friends or something negative like that. The depression is using their voice and their comments to hurt Joe. Do they even realize they're affecting him, I wish someone would point that out to them, because it seems the first thing they think is something negative about him. It seems the others are hurting his depression more than helping. Maybe that's why Vanessa help some, because she sees him going through something and is more worried about helping him than judging him. I could be wrong, but it's just a thought.
8/2 c28 Candylou
This is not good. It seems like they bad guys are working against each other, and the hardys and their friends are in severe trouble. This is definitely not good for joe and callie. I hope they ones on the pier can get the help they need in time and are not severely hurt. I know Joe experience a severe flashback, that will definitely not help his depression. Yes, I would love to read the sequels. Update as soon as you can
8/2 c28 MargaretA66
Oh wow, a lot of action and poor Trevor.
8/1 c28 t4swp
great chapter.
7/24 c27 Analise S
Always thrilled to see an update. Great one again.
6/28 c27 Candylou
I am glad frank got fenton and laura to change their minds, but it sad to take frank telling them what that place would do to joe, for them to realize it. I hope frank is okay and Henry's comments are not comforting. Update as soon as possible.
6/23 c27 MargaretA66
HI, Nice chapter. I hope you are doing well.
6/23 c27 Guest
I am so glad frank helped fenton and Laura realize it would be a mistake yo send joe to bellview. It its good that frank knows aboute joe, but like frank told them, it was worse for frank not to know. Finally, they are all communicating . finally, frank had realized what henry is doing, though I am surprised that no one even considered henry before. Hope frank is ok, but henry may have just made an error about saying that comment about his uncle. I do hope henry and ryan's plans are stopped. Also, that frank is cleared. And joe and all the Hardy's problems get better. Please, update as soon as you can.v can't wait to find out what happens next.
6/9 c26 nancy drew 11
Great update.
6/8 c26 Analise S
I have been awol from fanfiction for ages. Loving this story. Thank you for sharing it.
5/26 c26 GrabmeaCherryZero
Incredibly good!
5/3 c26 t4swp
Wow great chapter
5/1 c26 Candylou
At is good to see vanessa help through so much, and it am glad that the others realize that. I am also glad that frank and vanessa talked and that there friends were able to talk to them. I think that frank realizes that joe opens up to vanessa more than anyone. I also am glad the others are there talking while joe and vanessa went to find a spot. I understand frank's reaction about the hospital. Going to a spot where do much happens that joe blames himself for. That would really hurt joe more than help him. There has to be another way. It is not helping that joe keeps hearing in his head the words that has friends and family used that keep blaming him. At is not wonder why joe would not open up to them. Also, he won't open to frank because he does not want to hurt frank more, when actually frank's pain comes when joe is having any issue. Update as soon as you can. This is a fantastic story.
5/1 c26 MargaretA66
Yea! New chapter. And what a chapter it is. Lot's going on. Glad they were able to talk to Frank.
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