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for White Roses Part 1: Four Strangers on a Street Corner

6/20 c11 6drogorath
I took a hiatus form reaifbg , but coming back for this was definitely worth it
I liled the treatemnet you'vw given the Hardys. I think this definitely could be your best series yet.
3/31 c11 36Aurora Mandeville
Absolutely enjoyed this ending, especially with the kids getting to meet and we get to see the beginnings of long, loyal, and beautiful friendships! Looking forward to the next part (though I won't be reading it today, gotta catch up on my own writing, lol)!
3/31 c10 Aurora Mandeville
And that wraps up another mystery, but not the story, not just yet anyways. ;)
3/31 c9 Aurora Mandeville
Wow, pretty intense chase! And I'm assuming they're going to confront the mole in the next chapter. Great job!
3/31 c8 Aurora Mandeville
Nice foreshadowing there! I really liked the description of the house! Can't wait for them to move in!
3/31 c7 Aurora Mandeville
rofl, poor Gertrude! Completely forgotten about in all the tension! And we seem to be narrowing down on the mole. And yay, Bayport! XD You guys are just going to love it! It's a quaint little seaside town with just enough crime for both Fenton and his sons! lol, sorry Gertrude. ;P
3/31 c6 Aurora Mandeville
Well this keeps getting interesting and interesting . . . can't stand the suspense so I'm on to the next chapter!
3/31 c5 Aurora Mandeville
Ooh, this is getting real interesting. Don't worry about there being a lot of talking. You do need talking to happen every now and then to get information across. Not every mystery is all action (which, unfortunately, far too many of the Hardy boys books have become).
3/31 c4 Aurora Mandeville
Ooh, an interesting development! Fenton's on the right track! Especially if you get a call threatening your loved ones, that's always a dead giveaway.
3/31 c3 Aurora Mandeville
Oh no! Well, here comes the first of many such phone calls, huh? Though the whole thing with the boys making one mess after another is so accurate, lol. Poor Laura.
3/31 c2 Aurora Mandeville
And the plot thickens! Interesting to see where this goes!
3/31 c1 Aurora Mandeville
Wow, this is a pretty good start! And a great idea starting with one of Fenton's cases! A look back at Fenton's history is always great, considering we really don't get much backstory in the books. Though, this did made me think of a dream I had the other night where Nancy and Frank were married and solving a mystery, lol. The details have been written down for use later on in my rewrite series. XD
3/29 c11 FanHB08
Can't wait to see the next parts!
3/16 c11 15angelicalkiss
great beginning! looking forward to reading the rest of the series!
3/13 c2 angelicalkiss
I'm really liking this story so far! Laura and Fenton are some of my favorite characters (never read the books though, only through fanfic) so giving them their own story is genius. I love what hearing what Joe would have done as a toddler because, yes, I can see him trying to jump off the back of the couch. great start!
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