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for Earning Her Stripes

5/9 c34 Duchess67
Yaaaaaayyyyyy, Emily is onboard to Le the Real Thing carry on with kicking butt and taking names! When everything has settled down and no new villains are showing up, will she go back on that? I hope not!

I hope the three girls can deal with March. Ideally with Lily helping, to give her closure on HER bully/stalker!
5/9 c33 Duchess67
Taylor has reason to worry, but I hope nothing comes of it.

Aw, Lily is worried about what March could do the the Bay's heroes. That's sweet!
5/9 c32 Duchess67
Ah crap, so Flechette's enemy knows she's going to BB? I hope March gets stomped before she can do anything to the young hero!

Loot the bad guys to the bedrock, Undersides! Then retire. LOL
5/9 c30 Duchess67
Horror movie monster, ha! Yep, it really was like that. :)

Emily enjoyed that a lot and I don't blame her! *giggle)
5/9 c29 Duchess67
LOL Rune killed Coil's main timeline? *snicker* I love that!

Taylor is following the Nazis back? Kaiser is going to flip out! *giggle*
5/7 c22 Duchess67
Wow, hadn't seen this chapter, I liked it! Piggot was really reaching there. Soooooo glad she worded things wrong when implying Taylor destroyed Winslow! Sheesh!
5/4 c34 2Pinkypi
The real thing about to beat that Ass. It's speculated that Manton/Siberian and Flechette have inverse powers. Ultimate Sword X Ultimate Shield. Except Flechette's would be reduced in scope due to being part of a cluster trigger vs Manton's entire power revolving around Ultimate Shield in a projection form. March's sword would be even weaker than Flech's since it's not her primary power. So the question here is. Since Taylor has the Siberian's powerset except directly on her. Will she nope the sword with her shield?
4/30 c33 Rick and Morty
Emma is right about one thing, people suck.
4/21 c34 21katmom
Uh oh!
4/20 c34 jayod
great read
4/19 c34 28Kairan1979
Looking forward to see more.
4/18 c34 2Jack Inqu
I'm definitely looking forward to March getting hers.

Nice to see Emily continues to be both reasonable and on the right side of pragmatic.

Hopefully Lily will get some happiness in her life.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
4/17 c34 10RevDorothyL
Oh, I am be SO ready to see March get taken down! For everyone's safety, not just Flechette's and Brockton Bay's. :)
4/17 c34 cameron1812
Cant wait to see the throwdown !
4/17 c34 1Jessica45395
great chapter!
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