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for Harry Potter and the Ice Princess (Book 3)

1/17 c10 Guest
I love your fanfic and it is very enjoyable to read. But there are some things that do not convince me, for example I think that Elsa needs something like a rival for Harry, just like Harry inadvertently sees Draco as a rival. I would use daphene greengrass since there is very little information on and you could mold it to your liking, it could be a partnership like elsa with draco or maybe closer so that the gang is of the four houses. I will not comment on the other points since I think they are not so important. for everything else it seems to me a story of 10
12/23/2020 c10 Lord Halcyon
Another fantastic start and I can't wait to read more of it. So until then keep up the great work and I hope you update soon.

-Lord Halcyon
12/12/2020 c10 6Ziya Hitsugaya
I have read this story from start to finish. I really love how this story is going. and i honestly hope this story gets finished . it's well written. and to be honest i love your writing and this story. I'm looking forward to reading more. I really wish my stories could come out looking
like this. amazing.
11/27/2020 c10 Guest
good story. but i hope that at least you should have Anna to join Harry Potter adventure instead of keeping her away from it, i know it's dangerous but i love to see Anna join the adventure
11/21/2020 c10 bobzity1
I love this story! Your writing is captivating! I'm not a native English speaker and reading helps me with learning the language. I appreciate your skills as a writer. Thank you!
10/29/2020 c10 Guest
Natural-born child/preteen/teenage/grown adult prodigy!Elsa please!
10/28/2020 c10 Harrison
I think you could have done a little bit better with Elsa's greatest fear.

The way I look at it, right now it isn't just herself...it's her harming Anna.
10/28/2020 c10 60D.J. Scales
Nice job. Imagine if Bellatrix saw that
10/28/2020 c10 yeeloong.ong
Its" the cold never bothered me anyway"...
10/28/2020 c10 ansherinafawley
Amazing update!
10/28/2020 c10 tacomayor
Omggg first of all thanks so much for the update! I love this series so freaking much. Secondly i think you made the perfect choice for Elsa’s boggart. You don’t have to make surprising moves at all times. Sometimes what makes more sense is obvious and that's completely fine. I hope you’re taking care in this god awful pandemic and that you update soon cuz maaaan i can’t wait!
10/21/2020 c9 1McBastable
loving the story but wondering when is the next update
10/3/2020 c9 ansherinafawley
Such a amazing story! I hope that you will be able to update it soon
9/16/2020 c9 Guest
This Fanfic is amazing I can’t wait for the next chapter. I think my favorite part is that it feels like reading Harry Potter but featuring Elsa which is great because I feel she is a way better character. I think you have also done a amazing job integrating her in a enjoyable and unique way that makes her and all the other characters more interesting. I also like how slow Harry’s and Elsas relationship is, it makes it feel more natural and enjoyable. I also have to applaud you for writing such a long and well wrote story that somehow still feels high quality and exciting even after two books. I really hope someday you have all the books posted, I look forward to your next chapter.
8/29/2020 c9 Umor
Say, is Elsa also going to learn the Patronus charm. Even if one dementor was unsure around her, with a dozen its a different story. Hope to see an update soon.
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