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6/20 c1 Guest
ten robocops out of ten
1/13 c1 131jojoDO
Man... there were some too-real talks in this one o _ o

I have to appreciate how you didn't shy away from a very real, very believable subject matter... Mary is probably telling the truth here. About Mai, that is... foreigners would get something far more heinous than a slap on the wrist. However, I will say one thing... I believe Mary is not entirely right here. She says she made an "informed decision" about shooting the guy, but cmon. I'm gonna have to back the other M on this one. It was a passion shooting, for sure. So yeah... maybe a bit hypocritical from the lovely Mary Ryan.

In any case, this oneshot really brings home how valuable it is to have true friends that don't just care about you... they LOVE you. The type of friendship that they would do things for you, a normal human couldn't. King is very lucky to have them.

Way to hit the rewind button, illy!
1/8 c1 36RobertCop3
I'm glad you posted this, but I do stand by what I said in Discord: I don't think Mai would have been in trouble. She may not have white privilege, but she has "hot privilege." I mean, the girl would be a supermodel or an actress if she wasn't the heiress of Shiranui-Ryu. And we've seen how beautiful people are treated in America.

But anyway, there were a few moments here where I got chills. Because they reminded me of my own fic, the sequel I wrote to Fatal Fury: TMP. There's a moment in it where Joe calls Mary "Robocop," and there is also a moment where Mai and Mary are talking, and we see Mary start to show actual emotion, a reminder that she's human. Once more, great minds think alike. ( ;

But I loved seeing your take on Mai and Mary alone, because we don't see them alone very often, and they likely will be in-laws someday (they already are in my own ficverse). So, yeah, once again, very glad you posted this.
1/5 c1 iwewia
The saddest thing about trauma is that it makes you question whether or not you are loved. I wish King knew the full extent of her friend's feelings for her so when issues arise, like the one with Yuri, her mind wouldn't resort to sabotage.

Posting these flashbacks of sorts while we wait for the future of the "Ryo Situation" is actually a nice way to create parallels of past and present in the King-verse. Also works to entice new readers and refresh the memory of those who've been on this ride for a while.

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