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5/10 c12 Jaysto
Love this story hope life gets better for you sooner rather than later. Thanks for sharing
5/10 c12 Shivers82
Nice chapter. Great reinterpretation of the family introduction scene. Looking forward to seeing how Harry treats the Wanderers. (James’s coven). I wonder if Harry’s scent blocking gift will change how James will react, or are you going to make it break to keep to the narrative? Looking forward to the answer in the next chapter.
5/10 c12 Gouravsilentreader
Awesome update
Love it
Especially love the ending
Looking forward to the next part eagerly
Please update soon
Take care of yourself and be positive
Hope everything gets well soon
5/10 c12 KkSsVv
I'm so sorry about the situation you're in, do you have a patreon? I'd love to show my support! Your stories have got me out of a few tough times.
5/10 c12 7Xielle Sky
Great chapter as always! But please, take care first and foremost, your health is far more important than anything. I hope that you get better and you can take your time in updating and stuff, just take care and hoping you best wishes from over here 3
5/10 c12 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I like it a lot
2/24 c11 Wolvie26
I'm sorry to hear you fell on hard times! I hope it turns around for you soon! Love when Harry was embarrassing Bella with the whole threesome comments! I love this story and can't wait to see what happens next! Hope you can update again soon!
2/13 c11 Guest
Please update
2/10 c11 yuno123
love the story hope your living situation gets better soon!
2/4 c3 Guest
Damn, I thought I could handle the M-M aspect of this story... But I can't. As soon as Harry started talking about sitting on Edward's face my brain had a short-circuit and I practically ran away from the page. Ha ha ha, it's a little funny now... Though I will not be finishing either. Good story, though I feel randomly talking about stabbing people and offering to kill people out of the blue is not normal regardless of whether you play it off as normal or not. If someone offered that to me... I'd stay far far away. Regardless it was a good start and if you can handle the M-M aspect would be a great read.
2/2 c11 Jaysto
Love the story so far hope to see more. I hope your housing troubles are ending especially with it still being winter. Slum lords suck.
1/28 c11 Guest
I Love it! Keep up please
1/27 c11 1Pinkypi
Story is really good, and you seem to make less errors the more you've written and the further I got into the reading. Only thing missing really is Harry being a metamorph to go along with his bisexuality since he is a Black and his mother a muggleborn in this story the same requirements that gave Tonks the gift. Then he could give give Bella smooch from a beautiful girl too. kekekeke.
1/26 c2 Pinkypi
Harry just gave her the, if anyone fucks with you I will hunt them down, I will find them and I will kill them speech.
1/26 c1 Pinkypi
It's always nice to see a story written without bashing. It's like most people don't know how to shuffle a character out of the way or around if they dislike them or are trying to get rid of them without bashing them and twisting their behavior to justify the extreme bashing.
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