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8/23/2023 c17 7hannah.kaho
Always enjoy another chapter! Thank you for keeping this updated! :)
8/23/2023 c17 ayanami168
Pobre Edward :()
8/23/2023 c17 Jaysto
Love this story you can't imagine how happy I was to accidentally catch the upload moments before laying down for the night. Sorry to hear that you're all still struggling and you're sick on top of it, that all deserves an even more vehement thanks for sharing. This and gradus are such amazing stories and I'm excited to see where they go. Thanks again for a great end to a day hope things get better soon.
8/22/2023 c17 That2-one3-girl4
Awesome chapter!
Can't wait to read more!
8/19/2023 c16 1Avyna
I will never not love this story! Thank you for the update. I can’t wait to see what shenanigans they get up to next- assuming they aren’t somehow interrupted by nefarious forces!

Also, I’m sorry to hear that things are still as rough as they are. I really hope things start to look up sooner than later. Many virtual hugs.
8/10/2023 c16 21Ptool
great as usual
7/31/2023 c15 6Ms.Mad.Hatter.Hightopp
Hello. I do hope you continue. I really like how you weave your story.
7/29/2023 c15 PenguinGirl94
I’m long since out of school and yet still totally jealous of that Spirit Week prize, lol. I like the direction that the story has been taking and your choice in way to end James—fast and terrifying via MOD. I’m glad that we’ve strayed from cannon and Edward didn’t decide to pick up and leave “to protect Bella.” It will be interesting to see what Sam, Jacob, and the wolves think of HP since he’s not a vamp but still technically human if also immortal—it just seems like a mess of technicalities in the making, lol.
6/19/2023 c15 21Ptool
interesting chapter.
5/25/2023 c1 4The king of werewolves
Great story keep up the good work I can't wait for the next update I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter
5/25/2023 c15 spookygabby
Loved it!
I get a sense the Volturi will be joining the party soon.
5/23/2023 c15 2acetwolf94
5/22/2023 c11 3Scottken
This is so great, need more.
5/21/2023 c8 Scottken
Come on Ed, make Harry understand.
5/18/2023 c7 1TranoMoon
Whenever I see a crossover with Twilight, I always have this gut feeling that it will stray TOO close to the original material, and I'll regret reading it. However, this story and others like it continue to prove me wrong about that. It makes me extremely happy to read stories like this. Keep up the good work, and I will eagerly await an update whether it takes a week, a month, a year, or a decade. Thank you.
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