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1/23 c6 Eragon135790
is harry MoD? cause with the date either the HP-timeline was changed or he is MoD and thats why he still looks 17/18, since he was introduced as 17years old i think MoD though since he defeated V at the end of his seventh year when he was already close to having his 18th birthday.
1/20 c11 1SeleneMoon21
Following! Definitely following! I have never read a BellaxEdwardxHarry. Ever! And I’m loving it!

I’m wondering if Harry will be the one dealing with the nomads, if Edward and the Cullen leave, if Renesmee is born (if she is, is Harry the father or Edward?), if we get to meet the pack soon… I want to know so many things!
1/20 c11 Bambina-belle
Firstly, I'm in love with the story.
Secondly, is Harry MOD?
Third, please tell me there are gonna be more romantic moments.
Fourth, how does James come in if scent is dull? Does he see Harry do magic or something?
Fifth, I love Harry's thought process n words.
Sixth, but not least, great job n please update soon
1/17 c11 FearlessKiss1
Wish you could update this! Love this so much
1/15 c11 1Mimiward
I’ve read this whole story in a day, I am obsessed!
1/13 c11 1Sakihinata
Awesome chapter!
And of course Harry's comments are shocking the vamps! Though I don't think he realises it is so.
1/9 c11 whyenglishishard
I'm sorry for what you've been through
And always wait for the next chapter but you don't have to hurry I can wait for you and hope things get better soon
1/9 c11 Guest
Love this fic. Hope everything is going ok.
1/10 c11 3JlovesGaara
I'm curious to see what changes you will make to the baseball game and the confrontation with the nomads. Great work, so awesome.
1/10 c11 MoonGoddess111
yaasss! I love it! thank you so much for writing! I always look forward to reading them!
1/10 c11 Sheri301
Love this story! Read it from the beginning every time you update.
1/10 c11 RionDEfleur
Love it
1/9 c11 sillygabby
I was so so excited to see an update for this story!
I hope you update again soon.
I can't wait to see the Cullen family reaction to Harry and Bella.
1/9 c11 LadyWillowElf
another fabulous update! I hope things settle for you soon.
1/9 c11 RememberNot
Thank you for the update ! It really was a good chapter! Sorry to hear about the homelessness and good luck for the future!
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