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5/17/2023 c15 Wolvie26
Sorry to hear that you're homeless. Hope you find a place to live soon. Love the story and hope you can update again soon.
5/17/2023 c15 ayanami168
A good chapter. Good luck in the real life.
I am very bad in English
5/16/2023 c15 1Avyna
Loved it! This came at a perfect time for me. Thank you for sharing this story with all of us!
5/15/2023 c15 1AlleeR
It's a really good chapter I love it ! I also love your stories
5/14/2023 c15 IJustWannaReadEpicStories
in the anime section . what was harry dressed as that gave him the win? it's not mentioned.
5/14/2023 c15 Jaysto
Excellent chapter as always thanks for sharing. Glad that Bella got conned into participating in spirit week lol. Can't wait to see where you take some of the story hints you dropped.
5/14/2023 c15 1Anki17
Really loved the chapter and I really like the scientific approach you took, to cover the Twilight plot holes..
Hope you are doing fine and will eagerly wait for new update
Stay safe and blessed be ️️️
5/3/2023 c14 6Ms.Mad.Hatter.Hightopp
I am so glade you updated! My heart goes out to you for the things you wrnt through, and I hope it has improved. Your writing style is appreciated and well liked how you are crafting this story.
4/28/2023 c14 21Ptool
glad to see this updating again! nice work!
4/26/2023 c14 AstralGemini
I can only imagine the reaction to polyjuce
4/26/2023 c14 1LordXaero
Excellent update, thanks you, hope and prayers for your situation improves soon, cheers .
4/26/2023 c14 Aion27
Another awesome chapter to this great story. Thanks a lot for it and your hard work
4/26/2023 c14 L'ange demoniaque
Thank you for this chapter. I hope your home situation gets better soon.
4/26/2023 c14 JustALittleLestrange
Love the latest chapter
4/26/2023 c14 Jaysto
Absolutely loved it glad to see your muse is still going. Sorry to hear you're still struggling prayers for you and yours. Best wishes and thanks for sharing
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