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for Harry Osborn - Black Spider(REWRITING IN PROGRESS)

10/10 c19 1Snapesucks
Zemo goes bad when his family is killed, that hasn't happend yet. And probably never will.
7/12 c28 3bob4204ever
i do wanna point out "nothing ever goes wrong" isnt bad. at the end its how u execute it. i enjoy reading this story. because theres never enough of OP Smart character especially a time travel/reincarnation/some kind of game system/etc.

n when something did tend to go wrong, especially really wrong, not as in a marvel character(like Tony, capt, Tchalla mother, etc, character thats treated as side character or even lesser in the story) die oh nooom wrong but rather, oh shit, Main Character love interest actually got hurt/die.

could you write it better? sure. but i still enjoy reading nevertheless.

i still however dont like Darcy as harry love interest, especially since their relationship blossom more than Harry n Gwen relationship. i just dont see her as a good character as love interest for anyone. Shit, Maria Hill has a better potential love interest than her n majority of the reason is simply because her comic appearance is the best depiction of tomboy girlfriend/goth b1tch. Of course her character as a professional intelligent spy play important part. but think about it

A real tomboyish girlfriend who can kick ass.
7/12 c26 bob4204ever
Harry could just pop in front of Peggy Carter assuming she still alive, inject some life serum into her body or some bs and pop out. Bam, looking for this.
7/12 c26 bob4204ever
siri is going go ALL skynet
7/11 c23 bob4204ever
i know im 6 six chapter late but Harry ahould go yolo and collect the infinity stone before Thanos ayeeee lmao
7/11 c23 bob4204ever
i still prefer harry to not kiss darcy back. Harry, billionaire, possess spider ability, host of venom and possess the power of extremis and he have sexual/physical attraction to a somewhat dumb girl who call thor hammer 'mew mew' but not fking Gwen Stacy? Come on!
7/11 c21 bob4204ever
why you gotta do ian like that. he is an idiot but dont do to the only dude in the group like that. i hope darcy is not a the real love interest of harry. carol, that. cute korean asian scientist is cute, wanda, anyone but her. well not anyone.
7/11 c16 bob4204ever
since harry n petey is stronger than captain steroid here does that mean he can survive falling from the sky 10 ft drop or more?
7/11 c15 bob4204ever
seriously he can take a punch from the abomination (maybe) but even more so after hes newer power buff.
7/11 c15 bob4204ever
is spiderman n black spider glass canon or some shit? lol. they hit like canon but cant take one. bit inconsistent here. harry shouldn't have bruise because he missed to grab the staff.
7/11 c14 bob4204ever
so is 10 year old miles gonna be the lover of gwen or some BS. never did like his love interest is also the love interest of Peter parker.
7/11 c13 bob4204ever
i like venom. hes a very interesting fella. remind me a lot of venom who make a wonderful breakfast for that dude.
7/11 c11 bob4204ever
wait so the kid can deadlift a super heavy tank but slower than a peak human archer whose speciality isnt even close combat? Man pure raw strength is bullshit just like power level in Dbz.
7/11 c10 bob4204ever
oh and also put ursulu into his harem. shit instead of ursulu going with Peter. why not harry. although i know it wont happen since this story have already been completed or at least have 29 written chapter
7/11 c9 bob4204ever
that was depressing... slightly prefer harry didnt ask gwen out. man that was depressing.
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