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for Harry Osborn - Black Spider(REWRITING IN PROGRESS)

10/23/2022 c29 ashikbari15
4/19/2022 c17 1Sinister-Slytherin
While the premise is interesting the general plot is unfortunately another fanfiction that basically follows the exact scene by scene events of the movies with hardly any deviation, which makes the entire thing quite stale as the MC seems to coast along with events rather than take advantage of his existence and meta knowledge to influence events for a better outcome.
4/3/2022 c26 dswiller80
are you gonna continue this story?
3/29/2022 c9 ArchmagePeverell
Why didn't u give her a chance?
3/10/2022 c11 Guest1138
I was enjoying the story until you just arbitrarily added the Venom symbiote. I'm not going to bother continue reading, as the entire dynamic (and point) of the story is going to change because of this. You had a good thing going and then ruined it by adding unnecessary drama and complications.
2/4/2022 c17 OneAboveKami
I think I have read the scenes in Helicarrier before in another fic I don't know who copied whom tho.
2/4/2022 c14 OneAboveKami
So he's gonna replicate the powers himself?

It's not like has to use the power he can just keep. It will definitely come in handy when infiltrating enemies.

I thought he was not a good guy. Why is he still so naive then?
2/4/2022 c12 OneAboveKami
I don't think Warrior 3 are gods in MCU. Atleast they don't have any divinity.
Probably only Odin is the true god with Odinforce.

thor too since does have divinity related to thunder. Hela might have one too although Odin does have ultimate power in Asgard so he could have stripped her divinity.

While Frigga and Loki didn't show any divinity atleast in the movies. Maybe because both of them are not Aesir.?
2/4/2022 c10 OneAboveKami
I think because after Ben's death, Peter himself doesn't think he is worthy.

Otherwise with how much he ruined his own life to go out and save people, if anyone should be worthy it's him.
The guy ruined so many of his relationship, and was also dirt fucking poor.
2/4/2022 c8 OneAboveKami
2/4/2022 c8 OneAboveKami
I mean training with Natasha will be good too.

Especially in infiltration, espionage, Interrogation, torture, observation, behavioural observation, strategy and planning. And also all kinds of weapons.

Also its always good to master more martial arts.
Too bad there no like Karate Kid (Val Armorr) in Marvel. Who I think fought Superboy as equal

But still he can also train with Sang-chi
2/4/2022 c7 OneAboveKami
Siri should just be capable of emulating emotions right.

If Harry is gonna avoid everyone Peter is going to date in the future then he'll have exclude a lot of girls.
2/4/2022 c6 OneAboveKami
He should really get the Lizard serum, since it it's far better at healing than Oz, Super Soldier or Spider serum.
2/4/2022 c6 OneAboveKami
Chapter 5Bruh even if I became a homicidal maniac I wouldn't want kill myself.

Should have just made a room that even hulk would take some time breaking. If it went wrong just have siri confine him there. .

Besides while the serum makes people aggressive but it shouldn't make them completely insane right.

So he and siri could always work on the serum while he is confined.

And why the fuck does not just test the serum with some of his blood samples first.

Heck he could even make a few mindless clones from his DNA and test it on those.

No need to risk insanity

Why the fuck give AI sentience?
Once they gain sentience they'll no longer wanna work for you.
While that's fine but now that Sentient AI also knows many of your secrets.
Example Visionhe is independent and doesn't work for Tony right? Despite being based off of his AI

Does Harry really expect that Siri will keep working for him 24x7 when she gains sentience. He'd have to create a new AI again.

Then again it's not easy for AI to gain sentience at all. It would many many years for it to happen naturally or only because of the Mind stone.

Hope Siri doesn't become Sentient just by itself because that's very very unlikely.

And if Siri did became Sentient just by itself Harry should be wary because someone definitely interfered there. Maybe a cosmic entity who knows?
2/4/2022 c4 OneAboveKami
I hope Siri doesn't gain sentience.

It's harder control something with a independent thought.
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