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3/2 c7 daliapv.perez
Jajaja buena esa
7/11/2020 c7 LB1324
HA! Love that! It’s like father and son between those 2 in this, old man just wants to live in the simpler times, bro get into the modern day you idiot, oh and I have a suggestion for you. Zangetsu and Hichigo are in a spontaneous crazy mood and are chasing each other through there space before coming out and continuing it in the house not a yin’s attention to what’s happening outside until they get into a short lived wrestling match in the living room when Ichigo puts an end to it saying take it outside, the 2 have never seen snow before until Ichigo pointed it out, chaos ensues.
7/2/2020 c7 Lor
Congratulations on graduating! Also, hilarious. Thanks for the chapter!
7/1/2020 c7 David Alejandro Gmez Fernandez
lol with the ossan XD
5/24/2020 c6 Xiaoyue Yuki
Too funny, update, pleeseeeee?
4/26/2020 c6 LB1324
What kind of shenanigans do you think that Zangetsu and Hichigo get into if Renji’s zanpaktou spirit Zabimaru came for a visit?
4/23/2020 c6 LB1324
HAHAHAHA! Frigging hilarious dude! Loved it!
4/20/2020 c6 4drmona lord
this story is funny all I could picture after reading this chapter was tensa zangetsu pinning shiro down and trying to color him in lol
4/7/2020 c5 LB1324
I have an idea for the next one, Zangetsu and Hichigo get into a massive paint war after said hollow accidentally threw paint in his face, he was only bored like hell
4/3/2020 c5 2Dauth12345
Thank you, Ichigo, for this deep and philosophical insight.

Although, if I had a spider stuck in my soul, I suppose I'd be terrified too.
4/2/2020 c5 2anielsen33326
4/1/2020 c5 totallyuncreativelyinsane
lmfaooo this is super cute and i love it
4/1/2020 c5 3Decipher the Cipher FMSKHU
This is absolutely amazing and Ichigo is a such a prankster lol. I love this because it’s absolutely hilarious and I need light-hearted fun like this.

though I wonder, who was the date
3/28/2020 c4 Tazbird
They make my day please do more
2/4/2020 c1 2HOPEHATE07
It's so funny and airy! Like seriously! I smiled the whole time I was reading this! But it would be fun if they really get a puppy tho lol!
And for the first 2 chapters I was like okay the plot is changing, then I realised that these were one shots! Please continue writing as many as you can!
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