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for Chaos in Cam Rahn

9/28 c4 58BrokenKestral
What a sweet ending. Thanks for the story!
2/12 c4 5Ruger9
Good chapters. I like the interaction between BA and the Lt at the motor pool. One little thing...Morrison was a Colonel.
2/12 c4 80peppe1951
Over all a very. ice story and I eagerly await your next.
2/7 c3 Maureen
I like the ending. I can see a future that Decker's men get caught, by Decker harassing Smith's men. Not the same two of Decker's men but others.

My own imagination
1/8 c2 peppe1951
I knew it was coming, good thing BA and Hannibal arrived when they did. I’m waiting for Decker to make an appearance though. I bet his soldiers tell him a different story on their appearance after the fight. I look forward to the next chapter.
1/6 c2 Maureen
Oooooo, Hannibal is not happy. I wonder what the Decker idiots are going to do?
1/5 c1 5Ruger9
I liked how Face and Murdock were helping the locals, a foreshadow to the kind of men they become during the show. Liked the yoyo reference. I look forward to the rest.
1/4 c1 80peppe1951
A good start to what seems like an interesting story. Now why do I get the feeling that the two jerks from Decker’s outfit are going to jump Face and Murdoch as soon as they catch them alone. I look forward to the next chapter.

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