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for Changing the Course of Fate

1/12 c1 angelica98
Beautiful story that could improve a little in the writing, feels a bit rushed and out of character: Harry is pretty forward for a boy at his first time
10/20/2020 c1 1Anna Doherty
Omg but that was a great story I really enjoyed reading it. Anna
7/20/2020 c1 5HarryPotterFangirl85
I’m not quite warmed up to the pairings, but the storyline was good.
7/5/2020 c1 Guest
yeah who knows indeed
4/3/2020 c1 imperiomademedoit
Aww! Best! Loved this so much. The sex was hot. The ships were great. The Molly, Mione, Ron, and Ginny bits were a little too much outta left field but you made it work. Good fic all around! Thankyou for sharing with us!
1/10/2020 c1 7V. L. Crawford
Loved this!
1/8/2020 c1 16magicanimegurl
The flow seemed to fast in some parts, but the concept of the plot was still shown. I do like the ending and the ships for the most part. Write on!
1/5/2020 c1 1Beautiful Obsession 17
Aww I loved that ending! cute story I really enjoyed it.

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