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for Cooking scholarship

1/10/2020 c1 EiNyx
Any reason you use upside down quotation marks? That looks awful and really takes a reader out of any scene.
1/5/2020 c1 0akarigan0
Es la mejor meta
1/5/2020 c1 Arrogant Comprehender
This is going to be complete trainwreck and i love it.
1/5/2020 c1 7avatarlopes
Make Jaune say: "I'm the Cook." all serious and someone mistook him for a real cook. That would be pretty funny.
1/5/2020 c1 Guest
Don't forget to tag the characters. If I was a Jaune fan, I'd search for his tags and end up missing this story because it didn't have them.
1/5/2020 c1 4Warhaler
I hate it already.

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