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for Thus The Enclave Fought There

10/1 c2 3This-Mickey-Seems-Iffy
yeah this fanfic is trash. Enclave would never be so diplomatic. Like wtf is going on?! Then the sole survivor telling his whole damn lifestory. STUPID. Yeah, wont read this trash anymore.
10/1 c1 This-Mickey-Seems-Iffy
What nonsence? Leaving ghauls alive~?! This is no enclave! Its one thing enclave allowing normal wastelanders to join them and another allowing ghauls! What heresy. In fallout 3 enclave wanted to genocide all of wastelanders even with small mutations and here you have damn ghauls. STUPID. LACK OF LOGIC~!
8/23 c1 Anderson
This is great I want to know if there will be more and when also is there a Crossover of Half Life Black Mesa and G.A.T.E.? I think it would make sense since portals to other eorlds occur during the resonance cascade and I want to know what will the romans do when they find out they are in a facility then a country and what wilk they do with the aliens in Black Mesa as well as the BM personel and HECU there and ehat will happen of Freemen is sent there by the Gman?
8/22 c6 Guest
Great story can't wait to hear more anyone got any other crossovers I should read?
8/1 c6 3SsjHades
I was not expecting this fic to be this good, I love how you’ve integrated it all perfectly
I was worried you’d make the enclave some unbeatable force but seeing and knowing that they’re in a tough spot in terms of food and resources makes it more believable compared to other fics I’ve seen where they seem to forget that fallout is a post apocalyptic world where clean food is rare
7/16 c1 10Just a Crazy-Man
Nicely done
7/13 c5 Guest
Will they sell mr handy's to Italica
6/30 c6 Guest
I know it’s been a few months since your last update but can you please add next chapter soon
6/11 c1 2Doomeater
This is awesome! I can't wait to see what happens next
5/30 c6 I Yorick I
Well it's a pleasent suprise , first time I read a Mod crossover and I have to say it's quite good .
Keep up the good work mate !
4/12 c6 Guest
Liberty Prime vs Flame Dragon. Now thats a fight, if Prime somehow got upgraded, moves like a human would move instead of the clunky one step at a time in Fallout 4, then it would be a fight like PacificRim. Man how cool would that be.
3/28 c2 Guest
Some helping hand here for you author if you don't know how to explain the pipboy inventory function
Take Watsonian Doylist's explanation from Reddit:

The Pip Boy 3000 and its successors are some of the most amazing inventions ever made, and also extremely rare - their primary function of matter decomposition and storage has never been duplicated.

They also play music and keep a record of your travels, but any PDA can do that.

The pip boy is capable of nearly instantly molecularly disassembling any inert (non-moving) object. But the pip boy doesn't store this matter in its memory banks - that would be impossible. Instead, it stores the matter inside the wearer of the pip boy.

I don't know exactly how that works - nobody does anymore - but it spreads the weight around pretty evenly around the whole body. It's also able to distribute it away from vital areas that require freedom of movement, such as the head, chest, and arms.

The upshot of this is that you can carry way more mass than a human would normally be capable of carrying and still be able to use your guns and, you know, breathe.

Unfortunately, it can't be used as a weapon, because it requires absolute motionlessness on the part of the object being scanned, or it can't decompose it.

I suppose you could turn it into a weapon by disabling the scanner and just blanketly decomposing everything, but the dangers of generating an entire world of grey goo would be too great. And if you understood the technology well enough to do that, you could probably start building more pip boys on your own.

In Fallout New Vegas
One of Father Elijah's goals was to capture the supply assembler stations in the casino because they were such advanced pieces of technology. Those molecular assemblers were brand new devices when the Great War broke out, just barely released by researchers at Big Mountain.
3/21 c6 Mr Heavy
it would be great if Ingram use akimbo pistols or automatic ones and John Wick himself against the US/China/Russia agents instead of Rory hacking and Slashing in the Hotsprings Scene
3/19 c1 1Sordahon
Advanced PA is not supposed to be scaled down wearable as in 3/NV, FO4 is how PA was supposed to behave but alas engine limitations. APA with modern engine would be a bit different looking and more advanced X-01 PA.
3/11 c6 itsFAX
well i am waiting for more
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