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9/21 c34 James Birdsong
Lovely update
9/14 c33 James Birdsong
Good chapter obviously. Cool
9/7 c32 James Birdsong
Nice chapter in my opinion
9/3 c31 1setokayba2n
Somehow I just have the image of Harry dressed as Tuxedo Kamen and in private in his room, learning spells to conjure roses
9/2 c31 James Birdsong
8/30 c30 19Lia Angelique
I have to say, I really like this fic! Seeing Hermione, Harry and Luna's adventures in Hogwards is really amusing!
However, I do think that it would be good for at least one of the Shi Tenno to show himself against our heroes, because most youmas basically appear as small fries now.
8/17 c29 James Birdsong
Good two chapters obviously
8/11 c28 1setokayba2n
Meh, not much different from the usual canon of the book
8/10 c14 ThunderClaw03
Great job keep it up. I've read some weird and funny stories before but yours takes the cake. Update soon
8/9 c27 KrisB-71854
Hmm, I would see Hermione more in Ami's spot.

I'm wondering who we will see as her Earth Prince. Normally, I'd say Harry, but it seems he is far too busy playing with the Lunas.

I love how Harry is about fed up with everything. Sirius? He doesn't care about him at all. He's been nearly killed more this years by Youma and Clow Cards than any death eaters. I could see him slightly irked at Hermione for not noticing him helping out with the Youma and that he knows about Luna being a talking cat.

Sighs. Luna the Cat seems to spend more time with Harry lately.

I've been enjoying Harry with Luna the girl. He made a good point about not knowing her or trusting her with the cards. She couldn't give him a reason to trust her. They've been working together and becoming friends.

They've also had the various cute moments. I could easily see him sliding into a pairing here.

I could see Harry and Luna making far more use of that map and discovering The Rat on their own.
8/4 c27 setokayba2n
Wind, Time, Wood, Loop... Are they not mostly the cards of Yue side?
8/3 c27 James Birdsong
I do like these seventeen chapters
7/23 c25 4East US Coaster
This is pure fun - even in the crazy madness of too much going on.

thanks - eUSc-
7/6 c23 nightfog125
Well this story is certainly chaotic. Still absolutely hilarious though. I'll be looking forward to future updates.
6/29 c22 1setokayba2n
Good chapter...
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