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for What if I fall

5/12 c17 6Rucky
Yes Rebekah make them paid
Soon pls
The betray Caroline they MUST PAID
2/10 c18 K16
And kol?
2/8 c10 stars-for-dreams
Is there any chance that Auntie Cassandra Claire is related to Davina?
1/20 c18 TwilightHybrid
Glad to see that Klaus didn't keep anything from Caroline. Happy to see that she doesn't feels different but she feels like herself. However, I have a feeling they are going to investigate that as to why. I'm glad to know that she now knows that is was her 'so called' friends who alerted Mikael to Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. I'm excited to see that it is finally revealed to Liz that The Mikaelsons are original vampires. I like that she's willing to accept them if it means to have a relationship with her daughter again. I can not wait til Caroline sees Elena, Bonnie Stefan and Damon. I wonder how they'll try to explain themselves. Update when you can !
1/12 c18 K17
WHEN blood revenge
1/12 c18 4VeronicaGraterol
Please update soon! Really love how this is going
12/22/2020 c17 rebbecca1
I loved Rebekah's talk to the Blue Spirit all about Caroline.I was so glad that Caroline came back I am interested in what happened from her point of view.
12/21/2020 c14 stars-for-dreams
Alright, Davina is the cousin. Or Davina and Hailey both.
12/21/2020 c13 stars-for-dreams
Let me guess... Her cousin is Hailey
12/21/2020 c11 stars-for-dreams
They're so freaking cute
12/21/2020 c8 stars-for-dreams
I understand her, alright? But noooo
12/21/2020 c6 stars-for-dreams
I love it so much!
12/21/2020 c5 stars-for-dreams
12/20/2020 c1 stars-for-dreams
Love it!
12/15/2020 c17 TwilightHybrid
Wow...just wow! Klaus and Caroline are mated. I love when Rebekah spoke to the Blue Spirit. I love how she made her see that despite that they were not balanced with nature in the past, they are now and that some supernatural are not evil, they have adapted to life, they save and heal people. They do good things with their immortality. Nice to know that the Blue Spirit was once a angel...that was why she had such disgust on her face with Rebekah and Elijah...she didn't believe they should walk among the humans. I love that the Blue Spirit and Klaus left in their wolf forms to explore the world a little. I truly love when she marked both Elijah and Rebekah. It represented: Family. I see Elena, Stefan, Damon got the hell on LOL. But I agree with both Elijah and Rebekah...those three deserve to die for what they did to The Mikaelsons. They actually brought Mikael to them, so he can kill them and that will stop Caroline from turning into the Blue Spirit. But what they didn't know was that despite how Caroline was feeling at that time, she was not going to let Klaus die. She was not going to sit there and watch him die. She saved his life and in the process lost hers...that's love right there. And now that Caroline is back, I wonder how she'll feel about them wanting to kill Elena, Stefan and Damon. Thanks for this chapter! Update when you can!
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