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for Angel in Demon Form

8/25 c5 149Pinkie pie sweets
I think it’s interesting how Ellie/Rose’s sister going to work for Alastor. I do hope they both will get to see each other again. Maybe it might help her remember.
8/19 c5 67AnonymousZGirl
This Chapter is Awesome.

and I hope the sisters will be reunited. :)
8/16 c5 12EmpressLoveSiren23
We all want to see the wormhole chapter come out you got a lot of reviews on that so, please take a look in This fire will guide you home you left it hanging
7/21 c4 AnonymousZGirl
it's good that she can be there for Angel, when he needs someone the most.

that song is really good, I know I had become addicted to it after first hearing it, listening to it over and over again.

I wonder if Angel's Family will end up meeting Jack...?

Molly might hug her, and say how cute she is.

I hope we get to see Molly soon in the show.

we only know a little about her, we know she is Angel's twin sister.

but if she did appear in this, I can't help but think she may adore Jack, but that's just me and we don't know if Molly will appear in the future.

and it's fine either way whether she appears or not.

I will keep a eye out for chapter 5

keep up the awesome job :)
7/19 c4 EmpressLoveSiren23
where have you been I have been worried sick and I must know when the next hyper force chapter is gonna come on please i beg you
7/19 c1 le petite fleur
Only 3 chapters and I’m already addicted!
This is so good, I can’t wait to see what happens next.
2/13 c3 AMW Riptide
You have me hooked
2/5 c2 AnonymousZGirl
this story is really good, as soon I sign back in, I'm gonna Fave this. :)

it be interesting if Jack Rose sang that song Fancy by Reba Mcentire.

even though it wont be that song, I can't wait to see what happens next.

and see what she will end up singing next. :)
1/26 c2 EmpressLoveSiren23
when can you continue this fire will guide you home guess who
1/22 c2 3Arcadia Island
Wow i really like this. Will rose be paired with alastor?
1/21 c2 Guest
Omg this is really interating please update soon i am curious as to how many demons will confuse jack with angel
1/20 c2 AMW Riptide
I like this

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