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for Mistakes and Consequences

9/7/2022 c1 BlueBarkingAspins
Very dark but well written
12/19/2020 c1 Turjas
Damn...Right in the feels.
Very well done for such a dark piece. Although I would have loved to have seen more details about the trial leading up to the verdict.
6/7/2020 c1 Dafaq117
You can shove this fucking shit rigth up ro your cockhole, you fucking faggot.
2/9/2020 c1 5Warriorpup28
I really enjoyed this, even though it was hard to read emotionally, but that is the sign of good writing now isn't it?
1/7/2020 c1 Vince Fangway
Wow, that's pretty dark. You sure it's not a DC cross-over?

Seriously though, this was quite depressing. But just as you stated, it serves as a good experience for future works. I hope it also helped you to vent those thoughts because right now I'm in need of some fluff.

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