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3/22 c89 arock1660
Very well done series! I’ve had way too many moments to keep count of laughing so hard and having moist eyes. Your storytelling is very detailed which I personally enjoyed, and, besides a few spots here and there, characterization and progression of the characters was engaging. Made me want to finish reading the whole thing! Once again, great story!
12/19/2022 c9 2savwafair
okay 1. why didn't they tranq them sooner. and 2. does nick not have a radio? he could've called for backup himself.
12/19/2022 c7 savwafair
jeez nick is such an ass
12/19/2022 c2 savwafair
... why does she even still have that anti-fox spray... she got rid of it in the movie so why is she carrying it around again before the attack even happened...
12/19/2022 c4 savwafair
so he does this super rude and potentially triggering thing and doesn't apologize until prompted? after giving some self indulgent excuse? this is definitely him making this about himself again
12/19/2022 c3 savwafair
wtf? that's such a mean thing to do? especially without even warning her or asking if it's okay
3/8/2022 c19 2OneWolfe
Nice job Judy!
3/7/2022 c8 OneWolfe
Nick might not have been hurt, but I certainly was
7/28/2021 c1 ToadstoolTeacup
Super cute!
3/10/2021 c20 Guest
que noche jaja
3/10/2021 c19 Guest
malditos cretinos
3/10/2021 c18 Guest
que retorcido lo que les paso
3/10/2021 c17 Guest
cielos que crueldad
3/10/2021 c16 Guest
huy tormenta
3/10/2021 c15 Guest
hay creo que algo paso rayos
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