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8/25 c11 roxyanddevon
Nice touch on the secret ending
7/6 c6 Nexs0me
Since the Titans lived in the Age of the Dinosaurs, the fact that there were too many to deal with could be another reason why the Precursors left, and another reason why they came back is because they knew that there were fewer Titans to deal with in the modern age.
6/27 c11 KaijuMaster19
I like your story I'm also a big Kaiju Fan
6/26 c4 KaijuMaster19
I didn't know King Ghidorah is a good guy. Probably he's a Monsterverse version of GMK Ghidorah am I right
6/25 c11 GNTR96
Damn that was one hell of a story.A awesome one and i can't wait to see the you around and beware the covid-19
6/24 c11 2winterwolf23543
Poor fucking Hannibal lmao
He got fucking eaten~
6/24 c11 17DRAGONDAVE45
Nicely done! I can't wait to see what you do with the sequel!
6/24 c10 parzivaldetermined764
Will have the trailer?
6/24 c11 parzivaldetermined764
Just a question, now that the Kaijus are gone, what will become of Monarch and the Titans? Will they be the new threat?It is likely that they can create Mecha Godzilla (the one from the movie Ready Player One).
6/24 c11 Nexs0me
Why did you have to kill of Chau? He was mentioned in the beginning of Pacific Rim: Uprising!
6/23 c10 3CalvinFujii
Looks like Godzilla is joining in the attack on the Breach. Wonder how he'll fare against three Kaiju? Looking forward to the next chapter and I can't wait to see what the Godzilla Rim sequel will bring!
6/23 c10 gwb620
Excellent chapter! I’m looking forward to the next chapter.
6/16 c10 Guest
I thought you said your working on it
5/25 c10 GNTR96
Let me tell you man that story is amazing i can't wait to see the next chapter. See you at the next time.
5/12 c10 Korbussite
Understood. Good luck.
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