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for Sweet Oblivion

8/21 c9 Sasukle
Thanks for updating. So it seem this Dominic fella is dodgy after all? Can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks!
8/18 c9 Amymikk
Oh no so this really hasn’t helped her has it I hope she can move past this and thanks for updating. X
8/18 c9 CarlaConnor Lover
Wow now this was dramatic and I cannot wait to find out what happens next!
8/17 c9 XxCarterFanxX
Great chapter!
8/17 c9 21Bonnie Sveen Fan
I wonder what this Dom guy has to tell her, nothing good, I’m guessing. I liked the chapter,
8/17 c9 11emeraldphan
Sounds like some very complex events went on during that time... She may have kept to herself in the squat but now I'm curious about what happened when she was taken away by that other guy..
I did like how Peter felt sorry for the squatter, now that he's had time to calm down after their previous encounter and can see how awful his life is. But it's still a very difficult time for Carla, to realise that something terrible happened that she can't remember. Looking forward to more!
7/31 c8 Guest
Thank you for updating! I love this fic. :)

I feel like Carla is making a big mistake dredging up the past again when she should be concentrating on the future right now. But perhaps it’ll give her the closure she needs. Also, I quite liked that Peter stood his ground against her at the end. I know he wants to support her, but there’s a difference between being supportive and being a pushover, you know? So I was glad to see him stand up to her a little.
7/31 c8 emeraldphan
I loved seeing Roy's reaction. He has always been so kind to Carla in the past and now he will be an honorary grandad!
I'm not surprised Peter was angry but I'm wondering why Carla wants to go back to the squat in the first place? She's only going to bring back bad memories for herself, when she needs to take things easy. Looking forward to the next part!
7/31 c8 XxCarterFanxX
Amazing chapter :)
7/30 c8 Amymikk
Stroppy peter is hilarious. So glad everything is fine and Roy’s reaction was beautiful. It shows too how we’ll rot knows Carla than Johnny and Roy acts much more like a dad. Hope peter still supports Carla’s decision and maybe they start looking for a flat or a house. X
7/26 c7 Guest
I’ve just read this all in one go and oh my lord! It’s so beautifully written Honestly one of the best fics i’ve read.
6/9 c7 XxCarterFanxX
I’m loving this so much :)
6/9 c7 emeraldphan
Good to see Peter thinking in practical terms - all boring stuff to Carla, especially the medical appointments, but all necessary. Finding out about that missing month will bring all kinds of revelations to the fore so I hope they're ready for that. They both have to remember that Carla wasn't in her right mind at the time.
And I love the last line about Roy becoming a granddad! This child will have three granddads, which is lovely.
6/8 c7 Amymikk
What a great chapter and glad you have updated X
6/8 c7 Sasukle
Love this story. Thank you for the update. :)
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