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for Persona 5 New Game Plus, Joker's Second Chance

7/20 c56 Fluffydragon
Well written as always i find my self coming back to this a lot i find it an excellent story. and enjoyed during your hiatus a couple of months back rereading the chappers from the start as like a recap reading.
7/18 c17 dixonjason403
yeah im done. what is even the POINT of this story? ren's reactions make no fuckign could have EASILY defused the situation but he just...let it happen. its pathetic.
7/18 c15 dixonjason403
kinda sucks that the plot of the story is mostly railroading into canon so far. he "cant remember" enough to actually make any real differences in the short term, so it kinda just feels like a retelling of the game but with subpar grammar and a new waifu. hopefully the butterfly effect starts kicking in soon, because the only parts i actually really care about are the ones that are different from canon.
7/18 c14 dixonjason403
jew drugs?! hahahahahaha get an editor man. pretty fuckin funny tho.
7/18 c4 dixonjason403
there are a OT of spelling and grammar errors. story needs an editor.
7/17 c23 TriforceAndroid
Kobayakawa with a palace? This is what i wanted to have happen in the game! I was disappointed to not see him with a palace. Thanks for doing this!
7/8 c9 1Nevarus
that's a lot of money... it's maybe 250 bucks...
7/8 c1 Nevarus
rereading this reminds me of something that society needs to work on. treatment of those accused of a crime.
7/7 c1 1Chibi-Uzami
Okay. Few things.

One, i am sure Ren is confirmed as his name, at least for the games and anime. So good call with using that.

Second, will you ever do a royal version of this fanfic. I don't mean like adding royal content here. I mean like making a seperate fanfic with royal content, because I feel like that could lead to quite a few new things that could make things interesting, including sumire possibly joining early, things with Maruki definitely being interesting, whatever life shiho may want in maruki's reality, etc. I ain't gonna beg for you to do as it may not be in your interest to do, but i am curious.
7/3 c56 DragonReaperKing
love this fic read all of it in a day or two cant wait fir the next chapter and for when ren and futaba to have their kinky bedtime moment
7/2 c56 5Shooting Star Dragon 3000
Oh FOR FUCK SAKE RYUJI, this is not the time to let your pride run your mouth. Especially with ren's literal health on the line. This is why shiho gets the head pats and the cookie
7/1 c56 UltimateCCC
You mean to tell me Morgana's instructing Joker to "Go To Sleep" actually helps him?!
7/1 c56 Codename-ShadowFox
Idk the whole exhaustion thing rings hollow for me. Like Ren knows morgana would be perfectly fine and he wasnt even this bad off the first time in the game so it just comes off as forced for the sake of drama
6/30 c56 92StevieBond
Eve, huh? That's a great description for Shiho's second awakening.
6/30 c56 3rebfan90
great chapter!
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