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for Sasuke Uchiha and the Power of Lies

9/18 c24 Username6166
This is now officially the greatest fic of all time
9/18 c10 Username6166
This is straight up some of the funniest sh*t I've ever read and honestly my favourite interpretation of Hiruzen
9/3 c13 S
the whole story is just gaslighting I feel like the one time my dad locked me in my room and insisted the door was unlocked
8/27 c29 Westeller
I read and loved Seventh Horcrux back in.. 2020? But for literal years I put off reading this. Yes, years. Don't ask me why - I don't really know. Something about the title, the description... I don't know. I just.. didn't really want to read it. Every so often I'd look at it again, have it open in a tab... and just.. not.

Today, I finally started... and binged straight through it, laughing all the way.

Absolutely hilarious.

Which is exactly what I should have expected, and yet somehow didn't.

7/30 c27 yomunot
Also, this got a bit darker here real quick lmao. Like the clues were there, I just didn't piece it together. It's also like the season finale of an anime that's relatively tame for 90% of the run but then the last episode(s) just turn into a more dark and serious theme. Which isn't a bad thing by any means, it just made me go "oh shit no way" lol
7/30 c28 yomunot
Fun binge! Always appreciate Sasuke POV stories cause he's usually the most level headed one and it's more amusing to read about the more colourful members of Team 7 from an outside perspective.

How you utilized Sakura's character traits, as well as Hinata's (in addition to her doujutsu) was fantastic. And the concept of having Naruto's just fucking everywhereliterally everywhereis absolutely delightful, got a real kick outta those bits.
7/29 c2 16Chmia
It is so hard to read this and not giggle.
7/17 c1 3TwistedTwizzler
This has to be one of the most enjoyable fics i've ever read. 10/10 loved every second
7/17 c27 126random-k
I was not expecting the rin-veal, though thinking back, you do give a hint. I have laughed a lot reading this, it's fantasticlly funny!
7/4 c28 3tobi tobi is a good boy
Just rerrad this masterpiece, as always this was one crazy ride. That got increasingly disturbing as it went on. I should really see this concept working well for a more serius fanfic. Would even explain the lag of histoical knowledge many of the canon characters has. Like Sasuke not knowing who Madara was, the first time he talked to the kyuubi.
6/11 c9 2Daethalion
My favorite thing about this story is the idea that almost everyone is actually a terrible ninja, they're just really good at faking competence by confusing everyone else.
5/27 c24 7Let Me BeLazy
LoL, this is hilarious in a creepy way. Old man really did a number on the village, huh.
2/11 c1 6pampelmusen
I have cried tears of laughter because of this. i am once again back to reread this masterpiece and I cannot tell you enough how incredible this is. the ending takes me out every single time. thank you for sharing your work. it is really appreciated <3 <3
2/1 c29 25RoadWild
This was a great story! Thank you for writing this
11/19/2021 c1 1FuzzGoat
i died reading this
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