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for Hekate Potter's self constructed happily ever after

9/22 c8 lily.sim
I hope you get better soon. We'll miss you.
8/30 c8 Guest
I hope ur alright
8/24 c8 Roostertheking
Take care... Be inside... and stay safe..
8/23 c8 sandipi
Take care of yourself. Your fans will be here when you feel better.
8/23 c8 FoxKat
I hope you get better. Take care.
8/23 c8 3wolfviking
thats fine i hope you get better soon.
8/23 c8 hghpbbfangirl
I wish you the best and thank you for your stories
8/23 c8 1ej101
Oh that’s no problem, I completely understand. Speaking of someone who is totally blind myself, I can totally understand. However, if you’re not able to look at a screen, have you thought about using a screen reader, or even dictation on your phone? If you have an iPhone, or an android, dictation is quite easy, you just need to remember to put all your punctuation into your sentences, otherwise it won’t pick them up. Please let me know if you’re interested in this option, and if you need help, I’d be happy to assist.
8/23 c8 Pikachu79
Don't worry about it your eyes and health are more important. Just take care of yourself and take it easy when you can.
8/23 c8 AuroraMLD
Cuídate y que te mejores...
8/23 c7 27917brat
this is so good I love the fact he put his ipad in the blender and how Hekate is just sitting back soaking in the chaos she caused. I wonder will Luna and Hermione come in on this story and end up being with another vampire or an imprint to a wolf?
7/30 c7 1Axel Alex
le jus de Apple m'a tué ... lol
7/9 c7 Rose May1
Its good but I think that maybe u should do something with bella like maybe have her deal with the ministry or something
7/9 c7 rinne.gremory.97
Me encanto el capítulo estuvo muy divertido más que nada en la borrachera de Edward y Emmet
Y ahora que planea hacer la zorra sucia de Bella sólo esperoque esto la lleve a la muerte a mano de los Volturi pero sin que involucre a los cambia Forma y a los Cullen
Continúa pronto siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Saludos desde Argentina Mendoza
7/9 c7 sandipi
Thank you for the new chapter. What did Charlie do about his daughter stealing Hekate's file?
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