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9/27 c56 Biowind
Here’s hoping to see more soon, and yes I’m hoping for Kale to be friends with our Cauliflower! Same with Broly with Carrot. Though I was wondering if you just threw the whole, Half-Sayians have a better boost out the window with how the kids are full Sayians now, but either way it will be interesting to see what happens. As technically if Trunks happens still, he could be the strongest now, as half Sayians are way stronger. If it doesn’t matter, it’s cool, and huh, Cooler as maybe a ally now, honestly that would be awesome to see, and let us have a actual good Frieza race ally. I like playing the Frieza race in Xenoverse, so please let’s see a true good ally, and a protector. Dang I wonder what Universe 6 is like, or did something happened that now 67 combined for some reason…Zeno?
9/20 c1 William Thompson1
Also anyone know why the text to speech isn’t working? Everytime I try it says something about the language not being compatible, but it worked when I read “gokus true heir” but now it doesn’t even work on that. Anyone able to help me fox it?
9/19 c1 William Thompson1
Ngl I can’t wait till Frieza arc, I hope you’ll make it so they both end up as a super sayian at the same time, along with both of them also going to yardrat and learning the moves there after the defeat of freiza. I can’t wait till the next update. And hopefully see that stuff happen. Great job on this, currently on my second reading of it now
9/12 c56 12Gold Testament
Took some time but I finally read this fic from 1 to 56.
9/12 c55 Gold Testament
In piccolo's defense, he could given Krillin a mix between his and Goku's Gis with a weighted shirt, cape, boots, armbands, and turban.
9/12 c13 kirinrin
saya senang membacanya
9/11 c38 Gold Testament
It doesn't hurt that as Saiyans the get stronger when they heal from injuries, the more severe the better.
9/10 c19 Gold Testament
Frankly I think everyone supported Black killing Former Commander Red. I mean sure Frieza wants to use the Dragon Balls for the same reason in the Super Broly movie while Bulma wants to look a few years younger. At least their petty wasted wishes would've made it seem natural.
9/9 c56 1Otherion
Man, after reading that DBZ x DC, everytime I read the name Table I can only think of the ultra Chad Garble and not the canon one lmao
9/9 c56 ThyDevoutBeliever
Noice noice noice noice developments

Good to see Tarble getting some screen time. Honestly his scrawny-looking ahh looks like it belongs in Universe 6 lmao.
9/8 c1 5Yuli Ban
Holy crap, I can't believe my commission went that far. First an entire Brazilian what-if series, now a massive fanfiction? Goodness!

Yeah, I was the guy who commissioned that original piece of art and even wrote that initial explanation of "Why does Caulifla have a tail and is from Universe 7? Because reasons" way back when. Ahh, good times, the late 2010s.
9/8 c56 olivermarte15
Good chapter I hope the next one also surprised me that Kale was in universe 7. Now I want to know how freezer will face the surviving Saiyans just as I hope that bulma can build a gravity machine to train after the Saiyan saga
9/8 c56 No Vigilance
9/7 c56 Aarik Wrath
To my knowledge, when King Kai brought the Ginyu Force to his planet, he casually dismisses them as weaker than himself. (Given they're all, barring Ginyu himself and Guldo, about equal at 40k~ ish, he's a decent amount above that, likely, enough that he wasn't worried about all four of them on his planet at once, so he hypothetically could have sweeped them himself.)

The only one in the Freeza force he was afraid of was Freeza.

Of course, he could also be lying about Vegeta being stronger than him.

Or maybe Vegeta is stronger in this universe? Kale is with him and he'd go apeshit if another Saiyan were stronger than him...

Oh hey, it's Tarble.
9/7 c56 Bucio
It was interesting, in addition to seeing the training of those on Earth, to note, if I am correct, that Caulifla and Goku quickly arrived with Kaioh Sama, unintentionally saying comments that the deity takes for jokes, passing that part without problems and with him narrating a little what he knows about the history of the Saiyans.

In addition to seeing, we can say it like this, the relationship between Chichi (who will be Gine's other daughter-in-law) and Raditz flourish more, as he helps her find a name related to the Saiyans (Soya, for Soya Milk, heh, with Milk being the name with which we know her in Mexico), and with Raditz sharing what would be your explanation of Kale's power.

And ending the chapter with the arrival of Tarbles and Jica, and with Raditz recognizing Vegeta's younger brother, hehe, I hope to see Raditz reaction to knowing who Jica is, and hers to meeting Gohan and Menra (Aunty Jica? ); and with the newcomers also contributing to the training, since the healing chambers could help speed up the training and not depend so much on the Senzu Beans, in addition to the fact that Krillin (Kururin) could suggest hiding the ship in Capsule Corp (and giving the opportunity for Bulma and her father to study the healing technology of the Saiyans)

So Yamcha, Ten-Shin-Han, Lunch and Chaozu, would be training with Kami-Sama?; besides that a last resource to stop Vegeta in his tracks, would be Cooler's arrival with Bardock, Gine and Romei, with Vegeta's arrogance vanishing at the sight of Frieza's brother there.

Good luck and keep it up
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