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11/20/2022 c57 Bagels
Day 48 of waiting for the newest chapter.
I have compiled a table of when the chapters were released, and how many days were in between. The average time between each chapter is 17.5 days. In 2020, there were 38 chapters, averaging at 9.5 days in between. 2021 had 10 chapters , average of 31 days in between. 2022 has 8 chapters, averaging at 36.25 days in between. The least time between a chapter was 1 day, and most was 133 days. Chapter 57 was posted exactly 1000 days after chapter 1.
11/6/2022 c57 Youknowkakarot
The next chapter gonna be insane
10/27/2022 c57 12mastercheif1229
Incredible story so far! Can't wait for the next chapter! Hope that you update this again soon!
10/25/2022 c57 Race101
Really great story I cant wait for more I hope we see more of bardock and gine. And will goku be more powerful since he has a training partner and how will vegeta be convinced to fight for the good fight and when's the next chapter going to be.
10/21/2022 c41 ShineX
You know ironically despite the evil intent Chichi is right in the wish she wants to get if she wants to actually keep up. Those power ups get insane later on lol
10/21/2022 c40 ShineX
This should change a LOT of things. Bardock was pretty powerful to begin with, so if you still have Frieza around it's going to need an explanation. Beyond that their race is rather inclined towards destruction, and I really can't see king Vegeta being a good guy, so it's going to take a lot to make a good saiyan race.
10/21/2022 c39 ShineX
Nice fight scene :)
10/21/2022 c35 ShineX
Not bad :)
10/21/2022 c27 ShineX
The reason for them learning how to fly is eh, but whatever I guess. Nicely done :)
10/21/2022 c23 ShineX
That last line is great, and I definitely appreciate Gohan actually mentioning the spaceship. Good job :)
10/21/2022 c20 ShineX
Having Checka wandering about doing tech stuff like they have her doing in DBZ Kakarot would be kind of cool, I approve :)
10/21/2022 c19 ShineX
I'd say Gero has less reason to hate him actually, but I can see him hating Goku intensely regardless. Having his family be alive though should make some interesting changes to the android arc though. Android 16 at the least shouldn't be the same, and he'd either despise his family or long for them.
10/20/2022 c18 ShineX
Having one hand behind their back matters much less when it's still 2 on 1
10/20/2022 c14 ShineX
Well done lol. Of course the question in my mind is why they don't just go back for Bulma's actual items, but whatever I guess.
10/20/2022 c11 ShineX
I admit I'm enjoying this even is I know it's something of a retelling. Goku should have an easier time with someone having his back, and I'm glad to see that happening so far :)
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