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for Carrots and Cauliflowers

10/3/2022 c57 loldelegate
Thanks for the chapter!

I know, that Androids/Cell saga is still far away, but when you get there, could Future trunks be from Canon or Abridged future? (where Califula and Menma did not exist)
10/3/2022 c57 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Perfect! Nice touch with taking the RR estate. That is a free real estate.

Goku and Caulifla would be far more powerful than Goku did in the OG series.

Simply because Goku was dead training there. Which means he got little to no strain on his body like aching muscles. Like Living SSJ 3 Goku finally noticing the strain of SSJ 3.

With them alive, their gains would probably get them past the 10k mark.

Not only that but since Goku has a training partner, their gains would be gigantic.

Cannon Goku's strength got 19.2307692308 times stronger (8k, manga) in just 5 Months.

5 Months. You gave them 10 Months. If Goku got 10 Months of training, he would've mastered the spirit bomb, got an even higher Kaio Ken increase, likely up to 7 times without big strain and his physical boost would be around 38.4615384616 times (twice the multiplier that he got from training) making him have a power level of 38.4615384616. That's with A nerf for training while dead.

Their powers levels after training is probably going to be around 40-60k (with the included boosts of course. Training partner, mortal body, and the longer training time)

Their boost can be bigger, that I am sure. Simply because Goku has Caulifla to spar and experiment with the Spirit Bomb. Like charging it together for faster charge time, and even healing using it.

Kale would have to carry Vegeta's tea Y. She'll be facing against two Saiyan's who can coordinate their attacks and blend in their attacks like water to food coloring as these Saiyan's with Kale don't know much about training one's self to improve.

Vegeta's posse like the rest of the Freeza force, only knows about birth strength being a fixed permanent level of power
10/3/2022 c57 1thewittywhy
Always a pleasure to read a new chapter of this. Perhaps King Veggie can regale Goku and Cauli with stories of Planet Vegeta.

I don’t think Vegeta will listen to Tarble. Prince Widow’s Peek is a very “kill first ask questions never” kind of guy.
10/3/2022 c57 SuperShadic2002
Poor Raditz...having to deal with a new sister, and his niece and nephew...though honestly, I'm glad that King Vegeta got more inclusion then 'Oops, he died.'
10/3/2022 c57 Sakebi Enkou
Aww, Nappa was sad that they couldn't visit the bug planet ;-;
10/3/2022 c57 pandawok301
Say, since Gero is dead, would Lapis and Lazuli(Androids 17 and 18) would still appear?
9/27/2022 c56 Biowind
Here’s hoping to see more soon, and yes I’m hoping for Kale to be friends with our Cauliflower! Same with Broly with Carrot. Though I was wondering if you just threw the whole, Half-Sayians have a better boost out the window with how the kids are full Sayians now, but either way it will be interesting to see what happens. As technically if Trunks happens still, he could be the strongest now, as half Sayians are way stronger. If it doesn’t matter, it’s cool, and huh, Cooler as maybe a ally now, honestly that would be awesome to see, and let us have a actual good Frieza race ally. I like playing the Frieza race in Xenoverse, so please let’s see a true good ally, and a protector. Dang I wonder what Universe 6 is like, or did something happened that now 67 combined for some reason…Zeno?
9/20/2022 c1 William Thompson1
Also anyone know why the text to speech isn’t working? Everytime I try it says something about the language not being compatible, but it worked when I read “gokus true heir” but now it doesn’t even work on that. Anyone able to help me fox it?
9/19/2022 c1 William Thompson1
Ngl I can’t wait till Frieza arc, I hope you’ll make it so they both end up as a super sayian at the same time, along with both of them also going to yardrat and learning the moves there after the defeat of freiza. I can’t wait till the next update. And hopefully see that stuff happen. Great job on this, currently on my second reading of it now
9/12/2022 c56 12Gold Testament
Took some time but I finally read this fic from 1 to 56.
9/12/2022 c55 Gold Testament
In piccolo's defense, he could given Krillin a mix between his and Goku's Gis with a weighted shirt, cape, boots, armbands, and turban.
9/12/2022 c13 kirinrin
saya senang membacanya
9/11/2022 c38 Gold Testament
It doesn't hurt that as Saiyans the get stronger when they heal from injuries, the more severe the better.
9/10/2022 c19 Gold Testament
Frankly I think everyone supported Black killing Former Commander Red. I mean sure Frieza wants to use the Dragon Balls for the same reason in the Super Broly movie while Bulma wants to look a few years younger. At least their petty wasted wishes would've made it seem natural.
9/9/2022 c56 2Otherion
Man, after reading that DBZ x DC, everytime I read the name Table I can only think of the ultra Chad Garble and not the canon one lmao
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