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9/7/2022 c56 Bucio
It was interesting, in addition to seeing the training of those on Earth, to note, if I am correct, that Caulifla and Goku quickly arrived with Kaioh Sama, unintentionally saying comments that the deity takes for jokes, passing that part without problems and with him narrating a little what he knows about the history of the Saiyans.

In addition to seeing, we can say it like this, the relationship between Chichi (who will be Gine's other daughter-in-law) and Raditz flourish more, as he helps her find a name related to the Saiyans (Soya, for Soya Milk, heh, with Milk being the name with which we know her in Mexico), and with Raditz sharing what would be your explanation of Kale's power.

And ending the chapter with the arrival of Tarbles and Jica, and with Raditz recognizing Vegeta's younger brother, hehe, I hope to see Raditz reaction to knowing who Jica is, and hers to meeting Gohan and Menra (Aunty Jica? ); and with the newcomers also contributing to the training, since the healing chambers could help speed up the training and not depend so much on the Senzu Beans, in addition to the fact that Krillin (Kururin) could suggest hiding the ship in Capsule Corp (and giving the opportunity for Bulma and her father to study the healing technology of the Saiyans)

So Yamcha, Ten-Shin-Han, Lunch and Chaozu, would be training with Kami-Sama?; besides that a last resource to stop Vegeta in his tracks, would be Cooler's arrival with Bardock, Gine and Romei, with Vegeta's arrogance vanishing at the sight of Frieza's brother there.

Good luck and keep it up
9/7/2022 c56 1thewittywhy
Aaaaah! A good chapter. And now Tarble is here? This is getting interesting.
8/28/2022 c55 4Wondla Master
I say leave his name as is, the name given to the android could be considered as one that was given to disassociate the android version of his son with the real version of his son... either way I think your fine on that topic. I can't wait to read the next chapter! xD
8/25/2022 c55 Za-Kami
8/25/2022 c39 Za-Kami
Why didn't Caulifla shoot down Piccolo Jr's. Egg? She and Goku would have had to notice the guy barfing up an egg.
8/23/2022 c4 4DarkFusion
I must say you're doing a good job with the training arc be it Caulifla's addition, giving Kuririn some character development to go with his transition from his initial character to his character during the tournament and onward. I also do like Caulifla getting Goku to learn a few other things works since given the latter's personality the best way to make whoever he ends up with be it Chi Chi or someone else is to write them as his partner and not a side character and you're setting that up well so far. Will definitely be reading more.
8/23/2022 c1 DarkFusion
Okay, this is an interesting premise and I've got no problem with a What if of Caulifla being born in the main universe. As for how she got to Earth I figure that'll be answered later but whatever it is new material for the series from games to movies basically has it that there were alot more Saiyans off world than previously assumed so I won't be bothered by that. Will definitely read more.
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