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8/17/2022 c55 Bucio
As for the name of 21, I say that you leave it as you already have it (from Checka to Vomi, considering the meanings, your idea is better)

As for the last chapter, well, that was actually a pleasant surprise, seeing in this chapter, what is the future of your other fic, where Goku's parents and Vegeta's mother survived the destruction of the Saiyans , and became allies of Cooler (Frieza's older brother); to the surprise of seeing that Raditz and Goku have a younger sister, Jica (although curious, it almost seems that Romei does not like the idea of Jica spending time with Vegeta's younger brother).

As for this, we see the beginning of Goku and Caulifla's training in the Path of the Serpent (heh, this time Hebi Hime will not have it so easy), the twins start their training, having it easier, than what happened canon Gohan, even with them already having partial control of their Oozaru forms (unlike Chi-Chi), earning them their uniform and starting training with Piccolo, and with Krillin also earning his heavy cape and turban (hopefully Yamcha , Ten-Shin-Han, Chaozu and Lunch? have good training, and Yamcha don't be the Saibamen's punching bag or get slaughtered by Kale).

The most entertaining thing is to see, the Chi-Chi x Raditz? It's quite funny to see them together, poor Raditz, he's going to know first hand, what a Tsundere is, even worse, a Saiyan Tsundere, and with Piccolo, giving him the talk of the shovel to Goku's older brother.

Good luck and keep it up
8/14/2022 c55 DBZFan
Thank you for an amazing story!

I have been following this for a while, and I wanted to stop and say thank you so much for such an amazing story you’ve crafted!

The characters have had such great development so far!

It’s so nice to see Goku, not only in a healthy relationship, but also learning more schooling wise! He seems so different yet still screams Goku to me if that makes any sense? Caulifla has been so good for him! It’ll be interesting to see, not only them but the kids and Raditz have control of the Oozaru form and give them Ikari state!

Chichi, while I wasn’t a fan in the anime, thought she could be so much more if she stopped and managed her temper and actually trained to be a Zwarrior! I wasn’t expecting to turn out quiet like this but I really like the change!

Gohan having a sister is another change I really like! Hopefully he can find a healthy balance in fighting, and living a normal life with our thinking he has to sacrifice one for the other. I can’t wait to see where they both go as the story progresses!

Something I’ve wondered, is why Goku didn’t tell Bulma about how much the change in gravity was helping him while he was dead. Bulma could have made the gravity chamber early for Piccolo, Krillin, Tein etc and they could have used it while on earth! Maybe that’s something they can mention to Bulma via king Kai when they arrive?

If it helps their chances at surviving I’m sure Bulma would do it! Plus Raditz will already by used to 10x Gravity as that’s the norm on Planet Vegeta right? So he can help them adjust!

I also love that Raditx survived! It felt like he could have been more as well, but was forgotten! I’m not sure if the Raditz x Chichi teasing will go anywhere, but it’s an interesting pairing! The only one I’ve seen is Radtiz x Launch pairing so I can’t wait to see where that goes too!

I love you’ve included so many more female fighters as well! There really weren’t any besides 18 when I was growing up, & even she was basically forgotten!

Thank you again so much for the story!
8/14/2022 c55 2GM10
Oh goodie, now Z Squad will have six big monkes to fight... How many monkes? Vegeta, Nappa, Kale... Am I forgetting someone?
Roshi probably felt like some student of his just betrayed him by using another school's gi.
A21's name you gave her here stays, no one predicted the Canon name to come out with the movie, and in my opinion I prefer the one you created.
8/14/2022 c55 SecondLogic
8/13/2022 c55 elijahlarson03
I’d say to probably change it from Checka to Vomi (Android 21’s human name). Maybe keep Checka as a sort of alias or something?
8/13/2022 c55 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Yay I guess. So as to make sure this is the right 21.

You can also keep Cheka as a nickname to hide her real name.
8/13/2022 c55 TheClown2
So are we going to get Raditz x Chichi in this? Not gonna lie, I was hoping we'll get the most popular Raditz ship which is Raditz x Launch. And I was secretly crossing my fingers for eventual Vegeta x Chichi. You know, Prince and Princess, both proud hotheads (and Chichi doesn't hate martial arts here) and both would have fierce rivalry with one person from the main pairing. And a royal prince marrying "fake artificial" Saiyan would have nice message and show Vegeta's character changing. As for Bulma I thought that maybe she could end up with turned-good Turles? (It'd be almost the exact dynamic as VegeBul when you think about it - another arrogant bad boy - her type). Maybe you could consider this? But of course, it's completely your choice, I'm just throwing in suggestion.
8/13/2022 c55 1andohmygodcholesterol
To be honest, I’d rather you went back and change them
8/13/2022 c55 Darckcarlos
8/13/2022 c55 5x6568tank
5280 feet wasn't ever decided upon, it's because when the imperial system was evolving from the ashes of a thousand other systems, it took the Roman mile and the English foot instead of the Roman foot and mile or the English foot and mile
8/13/2022 c55 Logical-Tadkins
Leave the original name. At this point, is it really going to matter?

Awesome chapter and nice to see the differences in Menra and Gohan. It'll be interesting to see how Chi-chi improves and how Raditz reacts more to the fact that they could essentially create the Saiyan race again.

Krillin training with Piccolo will be hilarious.
8/13/2022 c55 david.teague.3950
Personally, I say nay. I mean you named her Checka before her name was ever released, however as this is your story if you want to go through the story and change it to Vomi, in Japan I guess that'd be "Bomi" then that's your choice. Then again if the Yay's have it you'll have to anyway.
8/13/2022 c55 Chumpchangedraws
Nay, Don’t you dare conform to the canon. Checka is Checka.

LOVING Raditz spitting game, and Menra seems to the one whose carrying the weight between her and her brother. Perhaps there’s more to her in this timeline? Keep up the fantastic work, it’s always fun!
8/12/2022 c55 3TheInnerBeast
Good chapter. As for the name change while I am fine either way, it seems like a hassle on your part.
8/12/2022 c55 Zeon Paralysis Crystal
Huh, Nice chapter and about the Checka and Vomi name problem. I think I got a solution that would fit in and out of universe and I like the Checka name. The Red Ribbon Army was a criminal organization or rogue military so the Checka name was probably a false name/alias to throw authorities off as a just in case of the Red Ribbon Army not working out and having something to return to and hide from the Red Ribbon if the family decided to cut their losses and needed a way to conceal themselves. Showcasing the differences between the Checka/Vomi and Dr. Gero. The former will think things through and is somewhat ethical and has lines in the sand. While Dr. Gero went whole hog and is very short sighted. The whole "Then What?" problem when obsessive desires sprout. And also the reveal of her real name would be symbol of the bond and trust that has flourished between Gebo, Vomi, and the Z Fighters/Dragon Team between the years. And Bulma clearing up legal problems with the reforming Ex Red Ribbon Soldier and Workers. Just a thought

Also Raditz being Chi Chi's Saiyan teacher. Quite the culture exchange. Should be interesting to see. The Woman who was even in canon as fierce as a saiyan when she needed to be. Is one of them. Oh dear
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