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8/13/2022 c55 Logical-Tadkins
Leave the original name. At this point, is it really going to matter?

Awesome chapter and nice to see the differences in Menra and Gohan. It'll be interesting to see how Chi-chi improves and how Raditz reacts more to the fact that they could essentially create the Saiyan race again.

Krillin training with Piccolo will be hilarious.
8/13/2022 c55 david.teague.3950
Personally, I say nay. I mean you named her Checka before her name was ever released, however as this is your story if you want to go through the story and change it to Vomi, in Japan I guess that'd be "Bomi" then that's your choice. Then again if the Yay's have it you'll have to anyway.
8/13/2022 c55 Chumpchangedraws
Nay, Don’t you dare conform to the canon. Checka is Checka.

LOVING Raditz spitting game, and Menra seems to the one whose carrying the weight between her and her brother. Perhaps there’s more to her in this timeline? Keep up the fantastic work, it’s always fun!
8/12/2022 c55 3TheInnerBeast
Good chapter. As for the name change while I am fine either way, it seems like a hassle on your part.
8/12/2022 c55 Zeon Paralysis Crystal
Huh, Nice chapter and about the Checka and Vomi name problem. I think I got a solution that would fit in and out of universe and I like the Checka name. The Red Ribbon Army was a criminal organization or rogue military so the Checka name was probably a false name/alias to throw authorities off as a just in case of the Red Ribbon Army not working out and having something to return to and hide from the Red Ribbon if the family decided to cut their losses and needed a way to conceal themselves. Showcasing the differences between the Checka/Vomi and Dr. Gero. The former will think things through and is somewhat ethical and has lines in the sand. While Dr. Gero went whole hog and is very short sighted. The whole "Then What?" problem when obsessive desires sprout. And also the reveal of her real name would be symbol of the bond and trust that has flourished between Gebo, Vomi, and the Z Fighters/Dragon Team between the years. And Bulma clearing up legal problems with the reforming Ex Red Ribbon Soldier and Workers. Just a thought

Also Raditz being Chi Chi's Saiyan teacher. Quite the culture exchange. Should be interesting to see. The Woman who was even in canon as fierce as a saiyan when she needed to be. Is one of them. Oh dear
8/12/2022 c55 1thewittywhy
Woo, new chapter!

Menra and Gohan having some foundation helps with this training. Makes me wonder how far they can go. And Krillin's part of their team now? Hah! This'll be good.

Raditz and Chichi? Now that's a cute pair.

Btw, I totally agree on the measuring systems. Why does America have to be a stubborn ass? Math class would've been so much easier!
8/12/2022 c55 demigodninja21
I personally believe that Snake way is much longer than 1,000,000 kilometers. You said it would take Goku and Caulifla 1 week to reach King Kai's place. At their current level I feel they could travel a million kilometers in 2 to 3 days.
8/12/2022 c55 wrightdylen21
Love the update keep up the good work
Ps my answer is nay to the name change
8/12/2022 c55 1Draxsis Felhunter
Nice to see you’re updating more often now. Also love the chapter and how Gohan’s new linage has resulted in him not being a useless wimp for the first half of his training. Seriously loving the mountain of butterflies you seem to unleash with every chapter.

As for the whole name thing. I wouldn’t change it. This entire story is AU. One name out of several dozen is a minor detail compared to things like Gohan having an sister. Goku never marrying ChiChi, the surviving evacuees from planet Vegita. Seriously it’s such a minor detail by comparison that it’s not worth the headache trying to edit all those chapters would end up being.
8/12/2022 c55 Aquarion
Nay. Leave the name as is, after all we all know who you're talking about.
8/12/2022 c55 12mastercheif1229
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
8/12/2022 c55 Savageverse
Just use the dub names it's not hard
8/9/2022 c54 Savageverse
I'd ask you to use the dub names but you're not so I'm done I'm not reading this
8/6/2022 c54 2GM10
8/5/2022 c54 VvDigicvV
Well it wasn't a slog reading this chapter, so great work!
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