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3/22/2022 c51 demigodninja21
Great chapter.
3/22/2022 c51 22FenreldStormblade
mwhahaha nice. Finally into the Saiyan saga
3/22/2022 c51 Bucio
Well, at least we get to see a bit of the daily life of the Son family, before the start of DBZ.

With our protagonists, apart from working in the fields (like Goku in Super) and being blacksmiths, having a set of twins, Gohan and Menra (in honor of those who raised them), with Gohan being somewhat similar to his canon version, while Menra has a fondness for repairing and building, wanting to be and learn from Bulma.

That and seeing the arrival of the Saiyans, with Raditz and a nosy, who meet Piccolo and Chichi first, then continue with the DBZ script and try to crash the meeting at Kame House.

I'm curious to see the differences in canon (see if Violet became part of CC and the gang), I want to think that our resident Saiyans are stronger than their canon versions and what they themselves let see, heh, that and leave Raditz with a WTF face, when he tries to do the great reveal of Goku's origin, only for him and Caulifla to admit that they already know, and Raditz to be surprised again when Goku reveals that he has met Gine, being the one who informed them of being Saiyans, and for Raditz the most shocking, the possibility that Bardock is alive.

I don't know if you can, but it would be great to see Tao Pai-Pai being easily trashed, despite his upgrades and Gero's work, by a teenage version of Arale (since you mentioned Penguin Village in the last chapter)

Good luck and keep it up
3/22/2022 c51 Nosbor
Thanks for the chapter.
3/22/2022 c19 Martin-di-Arcov
since Caulifla has her own move now (or at least invented a technique) I wonder if Goku and her will create their very own special attacks... always bugged me that Goku copies pretty much everyone of his techniques
3/22/2022 c11 Martin-di-Arcov
man! muscle tower was fun! If only to feed my nostalgia a bit! I loved the ninja as a kid... he was so damn stupid that even Goku accidentally outsmarted him!
3/22/2022 c9 Martin-di-Arcov
tower of might I guess... correcting my earlier review... there was a problem on translation from my part
3/22/2022 c10 Martin-di-Arcov
I hope it's a fun tower of might chapter
I loved the tower of might shenanigans when I watched it as a kid
the ninja dude
the cyborg
damn it was fun
3/22/2022 c8 Martin-di-Arcov
that was an absolutely aweful pun you did there and you should feel ashamed of yourself for monkeying that joke!
monkey business... tsk
3/22/2022 c6 Martin-di-Arcov
Caulifla was about to enter the ring to fight Yamcha when suddenly a short green creature with a head resembling a cabbage sprouted from the ground, ran full speed at Yamcha, grabbed onto him and exploded
3/22/2022 c51 ThyDevoutBeliever
Rensō, hmmm. Seems like your generic saiyan warrior to me.

I wonder what his deal is...
3/22/2022 c6 Martin-di-Arcov
"Good thing I don't have a noseKuririn
3/22/2022 c4 Martin-di-Arcov
oh gods yes! a Goku that isn't an eternal hillbilly simpleton!
3/22/2022 c3 Martin-di-Arcov
to be fair, Kame is hilarious and I will quote everything he says
3/21/2022 c51 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Gohan and that new girl shouldn't have any of those rage boosts now that they're not half Saiyans.

So Raditz is taking Chi-Chi eh? Hum. Raditz is going down more than a few pegs. And is going to get even far more scolding and scorn.

Rensō's going to be floored when he learns that Raditz and him are brothers and UNCLES now.

Now I wonder which one of them is weaker.
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