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6/12 c54 Thunder Dragon
Oh boy. Now you are ripping off one of MasakoX's fanfics. And I love it!
6/12 c53 Thunder Dragon
And here comes the answers. Renso got wasted and Raditz is alive. I like this. I want more!
6/12 c52 Thunder Dragon
Oh yes! I am going to like this. And Raditz, you had better survive and turn good brother.
6/12 c51 Thunder Dragon
Hello Raditz. You had to show up and ruin everything didn't you.
6/12 c50 Thunder Dragon
Oh boy. More Saiyan Survivors. I want to see more!
6/12 c49 Thunder Dragon
Yep! Goku is the king. I like the fact that Son Goku got the title and also got the girl. I approve!
6/12 c48 Thunder Dragon
And here come the honey moon fight. I like this.
6/12 c47 Thunder Dragon
I like the fact that you included Goku's inspiration in the title and the fight was a repeat of the original one. I approve! Decent action is decent action.
6/12 c46 Thunder Dragon
I am intrigued. Chi-Chi needs to become a better person and I hope you go the distance with her arc.
6/12 c45 Thunder Dragon
Yep. I can see why these two hooked up here. I like it
6/12 c44 Thunder Dragon
Oh yes! Its game time! Goku is going to win this fight. I can just tell.
6/12 c43 Thunder Dragon
Oh great. Here comes the Oozaru rumble!
6/12 c42 Thunder Dragon
I like this. It was funny.
6/12 c41 Thunder Dragon
Oh that is not good. Those two nutjobs are working together!
6/12 c40 Thunder Dragon
This moment will change everything! And I want to see more!
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