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6/12 c39 Thunder Dragon
Yeah this was awesome! Goku and Caulifa are finally together.
6/12 c38 Thunder Dragon
Oh boy. Here comes the storm. Goku and Caulifa are going to go places.
6/12 c37 Thunder Dragon
And here it comes. Release the Beast! Release the Beast!
6/12 c36 Thunder Dragon
Poor Launch. She deserved better than that.
6/12 c35 Thunder Dragon
Oh boy. That was to close for comfort.
6/12 c34 Thunder Dragon
Yikes. This girl has got issues.
6/12 c33 Thunder Dragon
It begins. Goku it is time to become a hero.
6/12 c32 Thunder Dragon
Okay Goku did not need to win but it still would have been fun if he did.
6/12 c31 Thunder Dragon
I did not see Roshi doing any of that when I first watched Dragon Ball, and I did not see this happening again.
6/12 c30 Thunder Dragon
Whew boy. This was intenses. Poor Caulifla.
6/12 c29 Thunder Dragon
Oh boy. Goku is in for it and he needs more power to survive.
6/12 c28 Thunder Dragon
Yes! Here comes the battle. And soon it is Goku's time to shine.
6/12 c27 Thunder Dragon
Oh boy. And I thought normal breakups were messy.
6/12 c26 Thunder Dragon
Okay this was just funny.
6/12 c25 Thunder Dragon
Oh yeah! I like the TFS shout out and that heart to heart between Caulifa and Goku was just adorable.
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